Nonprofit Customizes Children's Books for Homeless

A Utah homeless shelter has partnered with a local nonprofit to customize picture books for homeless children. The Road Home provides emergency shelter, supplies, and housing assistance to homeless individuals and families in Salt Lake City. Volunteers recently visited the shelter to interview and photograph its juvenile residents for their individualized picture books.

My Story Matters is a Utah-based nonprofit organization that creates custom picture books for children battling cancer, families who have lost a child, and other "individuals in need." Community volunteers assisted with gathering photographs and data needed for the project, and "local businesses donated food and supplies in support."

An Eagle Scout from Alpine will help to move the project into its next phase by gathering volunteers and arranging for the books' packaging and delivery. He also plans to "organize a supply drive for the shelter," according to

According to the Road Home website, "Salt Lake City ... has recently created a secure facility where homeless clients may store their belongings," which, I hope, means that these picture books are unlikely to be lost or stolen as families move toward permanent housing.

This project is all about adding stability to homeless children's lives. The only family photographs some Road Home residents have are the ones taken by these volunteers. My Story Matters founder Amy Chandler says she wants the children to understand that "hey, you're important and you have a whole life ahead of you and we would love to highlight and give you some hope for the future."

Image: kowit1982/Fotolia