The 15 Greatest Bernie Sanders Instagram Photos, Ranked From Pretty Brilliant To Completely Perfect

He may not look like it, but Bernie Sanders is an Instagram master. His collection of photos is relatively small, with 81 posts, but it's filled with one gem after another. In fact, it's the kind of Instagram account that you'd want to check first thing after waking up, hoping to find a new post. It's the kind of feed you look forward to checking throughout the day. And in that respect, I guess that means that you can put Sanders in the same category as Rihanna, a notion one would never even have dreamed of before social media. At its best, Bernie Sanders' Instagram account might even outdo any Kardashian's.

It's amazing that the oldest candidate in the race is the savviest social media user — or at least, his team and supporters are. Sanders' campaign has always been more of a grassroots movement compared to those of his opponents. It's fueled by an ingenious slogan, Feel the Bern (which makes the perfect hashtag), and throngs of supporters who make the Democratic socialist the center of discussion online. These are the same supporters who pack stadiums to see him speak, forming crowds that dwarf the ones seen at Hillary Clinton's campaign events.

Maybe that's because she's not killing it as hard with the Instagram game. Any social media expert will tell you that your social media presence and image can make or break your brand, and by that logic, Sanders is Instagramming his way to the White House. Want proof? Here are 15 of Sanders' best Instagram pics, ranked.

15. Bernie Goes Trick Or Treating As Himself

14. That Split-Screen Effect, Tho

13. Sanders May Not Be The Best Candidate For Baseball Pitcher

12. Young High School Bernie Was A Dead Ringer For Ben Affleck

11. Bernie Goes Back To The Future

10. A Sweet Glimpse At Grandpa Bernie

90. Young Politician Bernie Looks Exactly Like Larry David

8. Bernie To A Vet: "You're The Hero, Not Me"

7. #BabiesForBernie Is Maybe The Best Hashtag Campaign In History

6. Cutting A Rug With Ellen DeGeneres

5. Mayor Sanders Rocking Hipster Frames

4. Rosie The Riveter Wearing A Bernie Baseball Cap Is Perhaps The Perfect Image

3. Bernie's Grandson Dylan Is Way Cooler Than Most Adults

2. Bernie's Hilariously Unenthusiastic Whistling

1. Whether She Wants To Or Not, Hillary Clinton Feels The Bern

Images: berniesanders/Instagram