Brooks Ayers' Former Rep Claims He's Never Shown “Any Real Documents"

And here I thought the "Brooks might be faking cancer" story line from The Real Housewives of Orange County would go away. In an exclusive statement published by E! News on Wednesday, Brooks Ayers admitted to faking medical documents. However, Ayers does not clearly state whether he is referring only to the documents he showed Tamra Judge on the show, or also to the documents he presented during an E! News interview that he claimed were from City of Hope medical center.

Bustle reached out to Ayers' rep, Monica Barkett, for clarification. She says she is no longer working with him and explains,

Bustle has reached out to Ayers for comment on Barkett's claim, but has not yet heard back.

With that said, Ayers is still sticking by his claim that he has cancer. He said in his statement to E!,

E! News reported on Tuesday that a rep for City of Hope, a medical center where Ayers claimed to be treated, alleged that they never treated him nor "anyone by the name of 'David Brooks Ayers.'"

Ayers' statement to E! concludes,

Despite choosing to remain private in the future about his life and cancer diagnosis, a sit-down interview Ayers previously filmed with Andy Cohen is scheduled to air Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.