Chrissy Teigen Is The Best At BTS Shots

This model is no stranger to showing what goes on behind the scenes of her glamorous life. Chrissy Teigen posted a selfie that shows a couple of things: she’s on board with the duck-face trend, she’s pregnant and glowing, and her dressing room is just as messy as all of our closets. I’m talking piles of clothes and all.

John Legend already gave us a sneak peek inside of her closet, and I love how she’s not afraid to show us how her life really is. It’s not all red carpet events and super organized racks of clothing all of the time. Teigen’s been super open about her pregnancy, her cravings, her stretch marks and basically every facet of her life, and I love her for it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to know that everyone’s dressing space gets a little messy from time to time. It definitely makes me feel better about my own clothing that may or may not be lying on my floor right now.

Check out her latest behind the scenes shot plus seven other times that she’s given us a glimpse of what goes into her getting ready process. She really is the queen of looking good all of the time, no matter how long it took her to sort through the piles, and that’s some major inspiration right there.

She looks amazing, despite the mess.

1. Baking Break

Because there's nothing like pausing to bake something delicious.

2. Glam Tips

She even gives some beauty tips from time to time.

3. Glam Squad

Sometimes it takes a village.

4. Makeup Time

And then there's times when she gets bored while having her makeup done. These are the best.

5. Morning Beauty Sessions

Fresh out of the shower, all ready to go.

6. Primping

Your hair can use a good fluffing every once in a while.

7. Routine

You've got to take care of your skin.

And after all of that, she's always ready for her next appearance.

Just flawless, every time.

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