Even Movies Play Hard To Get Sometimes

The time between when a movie becomes a big success and when it gets turned into an actual sequel can feel like a decade. In many cases, though, it can actually take a literal decade. On Wednesday, the new trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was released — and this is exactly the case for it. The first film was released in 2002, and now, 13 years later, a sequel is finally on the way. However, this film is not the first to do so, it's actually one in a long list of films released at least 10 years after the original.

While a film might be enough of a success to make a return, I can't imagine it's always the first thing on a Hollywood executive's minds when it comes to film production. Some of the greatest American classics have had to wait multiple years before finding themselves on the big screen again. It seems in the last few years Hollywood has become accustomed to finding old story lines and breathing life back into them. Personally, I'm still waiting for a She's the Man sequel — but considering Amanda Bynes' recent actions, i'm assuming that's not likely to happen anytime soon. Either way, i'm sure we will be seeing some familiar characters back on the big screen in just a short decade or two.

1. Zoolander

Let's be honest, this film needed to have a sequel, like, yesterday. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were the ultimate bromance before that word even existed. Zoolander 2 is coming out in 2016, almost 15 years after the original was released in 2001. The world has waited long enough for "Blue Steel" to return in all of its glory.

2. Men In Black

In 2012, the world got wind that Men in Black would have a third installment in the franchise, which was released ten years after the sequel in 2002, and 13 years after the original film. There is nothing better than Will Smith fighting crime in a suit.

3. Ghostbusters

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The original live action movie was released all the way back in 1984. This year, it was announced their would be a new version featuring an all star all female cast.

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What's cuter than a romantic comedy? A sequel to the romantic comedy where there children are now the subject of the romantic comedy. It may have been a long way, but I have a feeling it will be worth it!

5. Toy Story

If you are a millennial, then you love Toy Story. That's a fact. Just like if you're human, then you probably cried during the third installment of the series which came out nearly 15 years after the original. Now, fans can look forward to a new movie coming out in 2018. Start stocking up the tissues now.

6. 21 Jump Street

This hilarious buddy comedy about two cops who go undercover at a high school wasn't the first of its kind — the original was a 1987 television show starring Johnny Depp, making this film technically a reboot.

7. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I may be the only one excited to hear about the third installment of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series that is in the works. Yes, I will be gathering together all of my closest friends to see Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget return to their roots and take the "magical pants" for one last walk around the world. Cue the tears.

While some of them didn't quite live up to the hype, it is always fun to see "old friends" return after a long hiatus — even if they've left us for far too long!