Sorkin May Be Dating This Random Person

This is still just a rumor, but we really, really hope its true. The writer of The Newsroom and The Social Network Aaron Sorkin is dating Courtney Love, according to Page Six. Their source was unnamed, while a spokesperson for Sorkin denies the relationship.

But hey, you never know, and though this is a pairing we never would have expected, they could easily become the celebrity couple of the year. Not only do they seem like complete opposites, but they're both pretty strong departures from previous partners. Sorkin has dated Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, VH1 host Carrie Keagan, and Kristen Chenoweth of his previous series The West Wing. Love was famously married to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain until his 1994 death, and has since dated actors Edward Norton and Steve Coogan.

And after all that heartbreak, these two crazy kids found each other — allegedly. Let's just say that Sorkin and Love are, in fact, dating, what's it like? Maybe she's teaching him how to play the guitar and perfect his drunken shamble, while he teaches her how to be a poor representation of women and perfect a 12-minute walk-and-talk.

Unless one of them confirms it, there's only one way to find out for sure if Love and Sorkin are an item: wait and see if someone suspiciously similar to her appears on The Newsroom. Sorkin loves putting thinly-veiled versions of his exes on his shows, so just give this relationship a few weeks and then tune into HBO. If you see a blonde musician who always finds herself in the center of drunken controversy, you'll know just what happened.

Image: Getty