Juliette Goes To Rehab On 'Nashville' After Remembering What Really Happened On The Roof

Juliette Barnes has been getting into plenty of trouble lately — she’s been drinking, taking pills, snorting various substances, and lashing out at those around her. Now, she has remembered that, in a drunken and high stupor, she was involved in Jeff Fordham's death, and so Juliette is heading to rehab on Nashville . You guys, how did we get here? I thought that Juliette had come so far from her beginnings on the show, only to take a sudden left turn as her postpartum depression sent her on a downward spiral. However, if Juliette commits to rehab, this may finally bring her the help she's needed for so long.

This is such a long time coming. In the latter part of Nashville’s third and early part of the fourth season. Juliette’s life has completely fallen apart. She has lost her husband, her daughter, her self-esteem, her friends, and nearly her livelihood. Oh, and she nearly lost her memory of an extremely important moment. If Colt hadn’t seen Juliette and Jeff on the hotel roof (he was on his balcony and saw their struggle), would Juliette’s memory ever have been jogged? Would she ever have remembered that she was, at one point, suicidal, or would everything have just gone on as normal and people would have assumed that Jeff killed himself?

I’m glad that Juliette has finally realized that she needs help. It’s the first time in many weeks that she’s shown any sort of self-awareness of her problems. What I’m hoping for now, personally, is that she completes rehab, gets the help she needs, and reunites with her family. I tend to be a hopeless romantic, so I’d like to see Avery and Juliette back together. At the very least, she should be able to have a relationship with Cadence. Juliette needs to break the cycle she had with her own mother, and this time in rehab is the first step toward that.

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