10 Mini Versions Of The Democratic Debate Candidates That Are Way More Adorable Than The Candidates Themselves

OK, yes. The 2016 presidential campaign is supposed to be about the candidates, their platforms, what they have to offer the American people, etc. But all the debates, campaign ads, candidate talk-show appearances — it can get a little overwhelming at times, and we've still got over a year to go before Election Day. Voting-age folks are taking full advantage of dressing up little ones who don't yet have the motor skills to say the phrase #FeelTheBern. There are loads of mini versions of the presidential candidates, and it goes almost without saying, they are way more adorable than the candidates themselves.

The Republican candidates have already had their moment for mini-mes: a spoof video by Funny or Die pitted mini candidate against mini candidate in a reenactment of the GOP debate, where mini Donald Trump's wig was possibly bigger than his actual head. So now it's the Democratic candidates' turn to find out what it is they would look like if they reverted back into toddlers, but kept their current hairstyles, clothes, and (of course) accessories.

1. #BabiesForBernie

The one that started it all. This triumphant baby makes for the perfect Bernie basically because of the fact that she/he (it's so hard to tell sometimes, though) is lopsided in every way possible. Got that Sanders disheveled look down.

2. Oversized Pantsuit Hillary

Whoops, I forgot I'm supposed to write something here because I was too busy staring at this ridiculously cute mini Hillary. Those chubby cheeks and the blue pantsuit! Makes me want to have a baby just so I can dress that kid up as a Clinton look-a-like. OK, maybe not, but it does make me want to vote for Hillary a little bit.

3. Mop-Head Bernie Baby

Did his parents legitimately cut off part of some kind of Swiffer/floor mop combo? How is it staying on this baby's head — tape? While Mom and Dad may have gone a bit A.C. Moore happy on this one, the kid is darned cute in those pipe-cleaner spectacles.

4. Constitutional Hillary

Though I don't know how often Hillary hangs out in her den re-reading the U.S. Constitution, this toddler is convincing enough. The pearls are great, but what really makes the ensemble is her knowing smile. We've seen that look on Hillary's face plenty of times and it never gets old.

5. The Bernie Baby Better Than RBG

I don't know that we can irrefutably say this Bernie babe beats out the newborn Ruth Bader Ginsburg, especially since everyone knows the bigger the glasses, the more adorable the baby. (Yes, that is definitely something everyone knows and says all the time...) Either way, that deer-in-headlights look in combo with the Albert Einstein hair is really working for him.

6. Macey Hensley

This young lady has future Hillary written all over her. Miss Hensley, a presidential expert who has appeared on the The Ellen Show quite a few times, pretty much lived her dream during one episode. She got to ask Clinton the questions and then, because we wouldn't expect anything less of Ellen, Macey got her very own blue pantsuit. Time to suit up and hit the campaign trail, Macey!

7. Bernie Or Ben?

This baby could just as easily pass for Ben Franklin, but that's OK. Shoot for the moon and you'll land among the stars of balding historical figures with silver hair and eyeglasses.

8. Senator's Briefcase Hillary

The girl may not be outfitted in a pantsuit just yet, but she's already started her collection of politician-related accessories. Not sure a senator's briefcase is the right bag for a mini Hillary anymore, since Clinton hasn't been a member of the Senate since 2009, but this only shows the little lady clearly knows her Clinton history.

9. Nude Stocking Cap Bernie

These parents went old school with their dress-up methods by using a nude stocking cap to give their wee one a realistic-looking Bernie noggin. But I thought the ease of costuming your newborn as a balding politician was in the fact that said child is already bald? Was this child one of those miracle babies that has a full head of hair straight out of the womb?

10. Better-Than-Trump Mini Hillary

The costume wearer is apparently going for an all-out 1980s Hillary look with this wig. It's her winning attitude alongside a mini Donald Trump that makes this costume so awesome. Yes, Donald, someone else can do some winning besides you.

11. Oh, Martin

Then there's this. Sorry, O'Malley, but maybe it's a sign that the end of the campaign is near if you can't give the voters an easily recognizable look-a-like costume. Where's your brightly colored pantsuit? Why don't you need glasses? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯