Millennials Who Do This Are Getting Laid More

You may not think of marijuana side effects as including... well, anything active, but it turns out that it weed not only leads you to have more sex, but that sex is better. Now, in my limited experience having sex high can be amazing, but it's only happened occasionally— normally sex isn't on my mind. I have to say I'm pretty surprised that as a general rule weed increases lust for anything other than tacos and... other tacos. I assumed that everyone was really focused with what to eat and what YouTube videos to watch when stoned (may I recommend the Powerthirst series for when you're altitude-ally challenged). But this study says I may be alone in this— some of you are feeling way more active.

Basically a study of over 500,000 (yes, 500,000) 18 to 34 year olds by SKYN condoms found that out of people who smoke week every day, 14 percent had sex several times a day— that's right, several. The same was true of only five percent of people who never smoked.

Plus 37 percent of week smokers had 15 or more sexual partners, and only 14 percent of people who didn't smoke reached those numbers. And if you think quality is more important than quantity, marijuana enthusiasts have us beat there too— 59 percent said they were "amazing" or "very good" in bed according to The Metro, and only 41 percent of non-smokers were as confident.

But it's not just weed smokers, here are other groups that are getting more action:

1. Your Parents

SORRY! But our parent's generation is wilder in the sack— a study by Time showed that they had more sexual partners than millennials are likely to have. But the good news is we're more sex-positive and interested in orgasm equality, so it's not all about how many people.

2. Consultants And Lawyers

When it comes to having sex in the office, consultant and lawyers are getting the most. Office sex doesn't sound particular hot to me, but if it's your thing these are the professions that are getting lucky. Stress relief from all those long hours and undoing those button up shirts? It makes sense they're using the office to get lucky.

3. Yale Students

Clever, hardworking, and horny AF. A survey of college sex drives put Yale students at the talk, with 44 percent masturbating at least once a day and 57 percent saying their sex drives are higher than average. Students of Yale, I salute you.

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