These Playgrounds For Senior Citizens Are The Tops

To me, old people and babies are quite alike. So when I heard that there are now playgrounds for senior citizens, I was like, yup. There's a playfulness and disregard for formalities that babies and seniors share. It's almost as if when you get to be that age, you rediscover the meaning of life — which is just to enjoy it and do what feels good. Play all day, sleep all day, whatever your body needs and whatever floats your boat.

But while the playgrounds might look like they're just for fun, they're actually for senior health and they're a really, really great asset to any community. They promote both activity and social interaction, which is important for people at any age. Senior playgrounds aren't anything new — they're ubiquitous overseas. You might even notice that in your local youth playground, European seniors will use the equipment to exercise any way that they can.

As silly as the idea might sound and as not-serious as the pictures might imply, senior playgrounds are actually no laughing matter. In the same way that playgrounds help children to connect, explore, exercise and destress, they help seniors do the same.

Nearly 14 percent of senior citizens who require healthcare also suffer from depression. That said, it's great news that senior playgrounds are making their way to the states – for senior citizens, and for me, because I will most certainly be waiting my turn.

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Images: YouTube