Khloé Kardashian Does Futuristic So Well

As far as the whole blonde hair thing goes, she’s definitely the rebel of the family. Khloé Kardashian styled her short hair sleek and straight and wore a black, futuristic dress at The Hollywood Reporter's Beauty Issue dinner. This overall modern look only proves that there’s nothing this girl can’t pull off in terms of styling, and I’m especially loving what I’ve seen of this lob cut so far.

Of course your mane has to be on-point on the night that you’re celebrating your family’s amazing hair stylist, Jen Atkin, so Kardashian didn’t disappoint on that front. But then again, she never really does. This super modern look was a new one for her, though. Since chopping off her long blonde locks, we’ve seen mostly loose curls, but stick straight works, too. Between her styling and her outfit, Kardashian’s kick butt ensemble was powerful and definitely made a statement.

See her gladiator-esque outfit along with that super modern hair of hers along, with six times she’s shown off that new ‘do. She’s been killing it recently. Thank you, Khlo, for being such a fashionable goddess. And thank you, Atkin, for always keeping that head of hers looking absolutely amazing. What would I (or the Kardashians, for that matter) do without you?

She looks like she's ready to take on the world. And with hair that good, I think she could.

1. Loose Curls

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These loose curls at the bottom of her hair make her look so chic.

2. Wavy

She's got a thing for waves, and who could blame her?

3. 1920s Style

I'm loving this head accessory and the slicked back hair.

4. From The Back

This cut looks great with little to no styling, too.

5. Curls On-Fleek

This super curly 'do looks incredible.

6. Woke Up Like This

OK, so she may not have actually just woken up for this PJ baby shower, but her the low maintenance hair looks great with a fresh-out-the-bed kind of vibe.

She can stick with this length for as long as she wants because it really is a fun change of pace.

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