10 Onesies To Gift (Or Keep) This Holiday Season

There's nothing I love to give or receive more than a cozy pair of pajamas, especially during the holiday season. Lately, it seems like onesies are where it's at — it's like a big fleece hug that never has to end, y'know? Here are 10 onesie pajamas to gift this year, because introducing someone to footie PJs is almost a way to give back during the holidays.

Comfy onesie pajamas make amazing presents for your bestie, your sister, or even your whole family (I'm still trying to get mine on board with the matching jammie thing, though.) Lingerie for that special someone? Pshh. Seriously, consider a fleece jumpsuit. They're just so much warmer, trust me.

Oh, and, pro tip: If you buy a onesie with a loose fit, you can totally wear it over your clothes. Who needs a hoodie when you can keep your whole bod warm? It's not unusual to see me chilling in my onesie in the middle of the afternoon on weekends in December. Not like I'm wearing it right now or anything...It's cold, OK?

Here are 10 pairs anyone would be thrilled to add to their pajama jumpsuit collection (or start their onesie wardrobe with.)

Classic Cute

Women's Holiday Fairisle Pajamas, $25, Target

These thermal jammies are worthy of a holiday ski trip.

Buddy The Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?

Joe Boxer Fleece Footed Pajamas, $19, Sears

Is there anything better to wear when Elf is on ABC's 25 Days Of Christmas?

Perfect Loungewear

Cozy Up Hooded One-Piece Plus Size Pajamas, $40, Kohls

The bunnies on this pattern make it totally Easter-approved, too.

Candy Striped

Fireside Onesie Pajama, $54, Victorias Secret

How about a PJ party to watch this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

Pom Pom PJs

BP. Hooded One-Piece Pajamas, $48, Nordstrom

Way easier than putting up actual Christmas lights.

Cozy Penguin

Nick & Nora Penguin Union Suit, $25, Target

An arctic onesie for arctic temperatures. (Or, just good old-fashioned cold.)


Cozy Zoe Leopard Print Plus Size Pajama Jumpsuit, $56, Nordstrom

For that friend who's just not that into the holidays (I know, I don't get it either.)

Sledding Inspired

Nick & Nora Monkeys Union Suit, $25, Target

Monkeys sledding, guys. What could be cuter.

Onesie Meets Romper

Minkpink I Deer You Playsuit, $50, ASOS

The one for you if you sweat just thinking about sleeping in fleece.

The Ultimate Christmas Onesie

BP. Hooded Christmas Tree Jumpsuit, $48, Nordstrom

This would probably be absurdly uncomfortable to actually sleep in, but there is just so much Christmas spirit here.

Images: Courtesy of brands