11 Super Chic Holiday Hair Ideas For Short Hair

Whether you've had your hair short for years or have recently debut a fresh lob, there's nothing as fun and liberating as the feeling of weight (literally) being taken off your shoulders. But if you're stuck in a styling rut and want to get creative this season, don't miss all of these awesome holiday hair ideas for short hair. Even if you can't get your locks in a ponytail, you are totally not confined to only wearing it down!

I always swing back and forth between letting my hair grow out and then cutting it all off. I most recently took the bob plunge again in April after one too many colombre hair experiments had left my bleached out ends all sorts of crispy. And while there are definitely days I miss my long hair, short is just so dang fun.

If you arm yourself with bobby pins, ribbons, and hair spray, there's no reason you can't change up your holiday hair look for every party you're hitting up this season. Add a curling iron or two to the mix and you'll have even more options. The video tutorials below prove just how many looks are out there for us short haired gals, so get pumped!

1. Wraparound Braids

Short hair and wraparound braids were made for each other, and this "milkmaid" braid comes together in under five minutes.

2. Boho Halo Braid

Kick the milkmaid braid up a notch with this full on halo braid.

3. Knotted Updo

This chill knot gives off that #IWokeUpLikeThis effortless vibe.

4. Curled Pixie

That's right, even pixie cuts can be easily changed up with a little help from a straightener!

5. Ribbon Action

Channel a Christmas present with this adorable DIY ribbon headband updo.

6. Half Up Bun

The hipster bun is the fastest ever style for short hair and you'll fit in perfectly with all the men in Brooklyn!

7. Chunky Twist Out

My Natural Sistas show you exactly how to get that cool chunky twist out look in just a few quick minutes.

8. Faux Waterfall Headband

If you've only got a few minutes to get ready before a party, this is an option that requires minimum effort for maximum amazingness.

9. Messy Waves

Suitable for a transitioning pixie all the way to lob, these beach waves look better the longer you're out on the dance floor. Yay for hairstyles that are supposed to get messier!

10. Adorable Afro Puff 3 Ways

Miss Mona B knows what she's doing with these three different afro puffs specifically for short, natural hair. Go with the first if you don't have much prep time, or opt for one of the other too if you can play around with your hair for awhile before heading out the door.

11. Retro Updo

Channel all the Hollywood glam this holiday season with this dreamy sideswept updo.

Images: Maegan Tintari/Flickr