This App May Help Improve His Sexual Performance

I first learned about kegels from a seventh grade biology teacher hellbent on flexing her sex ed knowledge. When you go to a progressive, all girls school, this of the utmost importance — because why not start strengthening your pelvic floor muscles early? At the time, I assumed only women did these exercises, but prepare yourselves: kegels for men is actually a thing. Although nothing related to sex surprises me these days, finding out that men can sit around, fully clothed, and get serious about their kegels so they can improve their sex life makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Gender equality might exist after all, y'all! But I digress.

As ladies into working out their PC muscles know, kegels is a serious sport these days. Egg-shaped devices you can insert and digitally track your progress with are all the rage — take Evie, for one — and now there's kGoal Boost for guys. Brought to you by the sex-positive people at Minna Life, this bicycle seat-shaped device allows men to see how their kegel game is progressing. All a dude has to do is sit on the kGoal Boost and the air-filled sensor pad provides biofeedback directly through his smartphone.

According to multiple studies, kegels can help men who suffer from premature ejaculation get a handle on their timing. Pelvic floor exercises can also intensify climax by increasing blood flow to the area. It's all pretty much a win-win, so what are you waiting for? Tell your brothers, BFs and BFFs to join you in a friendly round of kegels. They won't be sorry.

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Images: Minna Life/Kickstarter