Friday The 13th Memes To Get You Through The Day

For the third time this calendar year, it's Friday the 13th, so if you need a break from the rampant superstition on your newsfeeds, you'll probably want to quit the Internet for the day. But Friday the 13th (again) doesn't have to be all doom and gloom — I mean, at least this one isn't the day before Valentine's Day — because I've got 13 Friday the 13th memes to poke fun at the superstitious calendrical coincidence, just for you. I'm living on the edge. Come at me, Voorhees.

Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, told National Geographic News in a 2004 interview that the United States experiences an $800 to $900 million drop in economic performance every time the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. So, that's $2.7 billion in business down the tubes this calendar year on account of an unusually deep-seated superstition. $2.7 billion is more than the Gross Domestic Product of Liberia, because people stayed home on Friday the 13th.

I guess if you're contemplating staying home and binge-watching slasher movies to mark the occasion, you won't be alone, so take that as you will. Here are some memes to distract you from work/your thrice-annual triskaidekaphobia.

You would, Grumpy Cat.

OK, I'm legitimately horrified.

It wouldn't be Friday the 13th without a little Bad Luck Brian.

You know Jason is a hairy dude, though.

Speaking of hairy...

Watch out, cat.

Did you know mosquitoes don't bite him purely out of respect?

Just don't be naked or alone when he comes knocking...

Because things can get pretty messy.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Ohhmagawd, it's the weekend.

You know what they say about coming across a black cat.

Just don't walk under any ladders, and your weekend should go along quite nicely.

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