What's With Riggs & Hunt On 'Grey's Anatomy'?

by Nicole Pomarico

There's a new doc at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and he's not too popular. Remember when Riggs, the former military dude, walked out of the ER to see Owen at the end of , and Owen totally flipped out? Like you might have guessed, they definitely have a history — and it's notbringing back any happy memories for Owen. Because now, Riggs works at the hospital (thanks, Bailey), and he's not taking it so well. So what's the deal with Owen and Riggs on Grey's Anatomy ? Still no info, but their feud is very serious.

At first, Owen was just kind of cold and weird toward Riggins. It was obvious that he doesn't like him, but being that they didn't talk much, it was really hard to figure out why. And then, a major piece of the puzzle was revealed: Intern Isaac walked in on Owen having a panic attack in the on call room. And not just any panic attack — one triggered by his PTSD where he seemed to be awake but could have been sleeping, just like the time he choked Cristina. He was crying and saying he couldn't "find her," but didn't tell Isaac who "her" is.

But as the tension built all episode long, it eventually culminated into a massive fight in front of everyone, where he called Bailey "thoughtless and reckless" for hiring him without checking with her staff first. It ended in Owen out at the ambulance bay, stewing, until Meredith came out to check on him. In keeping with her promise to Cristina to look after him, she asked him if Riggins is someone who "we hate." And yep, we do, indeed, hate him.

Loyalty points to Meredith, though, because when Riggs asked her to go get a drink with him? She flat out turned him down, mostly because she's awesome.

Next week, please fill us in on this Riggs thing, Grey's. I need to know what's going on!

Image: Tony Rivetti/ABC