Do Riggs & Hunt Have A 'Grey's Anatomy' Past?

Grey’s Anatomy has introduced its latest heartthrob, and boy oh boy, are they just diving right into things. In “The Me Nobody Knows,” viewers met Martin Henderson’s Dr. Nathan Riggs, a colleague of April’s when she was doing Doctors Without Borders. But that’s not Riggs’ only Grey Sloan connection. Apparently Riggs and Hunt know each other from years past and do not get along—what happened with Riggs and Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy to make them hate each other?

Riggs seems like a nice, heroic kind of guy. Riggs came to Grey Sloan to accompany a Jordanian orphan who was set to have major surgery to remove tumors growing on his hands. It was here that we learned that Riggs knew April, since April set up this whole surgery thing for Jackson to do. But when Riggs was standing outside the hospital, Hunt quickly spotted him and demanded to know what he was doing there. Since they only referred to each other by their last names, I have to assume that these two knew each other from time in the military, and from Hunt’s assertion that Riggs get the hell out of there as soon as possible, whatever happened between them had to have been not chill at all.

So what could it be? A dispute over a girlfriend? Did Riggs kill a soldier patient of Hunt’s in the field and lie about it? Maybe Hunt betrayed Riggs in some way and he feels guilty about it. Honestly, with all of the stuff that Hunt has gone through, there could be myriad reasons why Hunt is so appalled to see Riggs’ face at his hospital. Next week’s preview looks even juicier, with Hunt telling Bailey and Meredith that having Riggs at Grey Sloan is a mistake. Whatever it is, I bet it’s perfectly juicy—it is Grey’s Anatomy after all.

Images: Vivian Zink/ABC; Giphy