Photos And Video From Mizzou

Students at the University of Missouri have been sharing their experiences at demonstrations held on campus as well as the overall atmosphere leading up to and following system president Tim Wolfe's resignation. Photos and video from Mizzou that were posted on Steller paint a picture of solidarity as well as highlight the historical importance of what's currently transpiring on campus. Wolfe's resignation came about following protests by activist group Concerned Student 1950 of the university administration's lack of response to racial incidents on campus.

Students staged walkouts and set up tents at Mizzou to protest Wolfe's inaction to address incidents of racial slurs reportedly being made to African-American students. A free speech wall was erected for students to speak their minds in a safe space, and demonstrators were consistently committed to providing privacy for those protesting on campus. Students formed a human wall to quite literally shield others from the media as events continued throughout the week. Even Mizzou alum and football star Michael Sam made an appearance on campus to show support. Football has played a pivotal part in demonstration efforts. Members of the school's football team threatened to boycott the rest of the season if Wolfe didn't resign.

A series of powerful mixed media stories on social media platform Steller provide a bit of history and context to the demonstrations that unfolded at Mizzou. A press conference following grad student Jonathan Butler ending his hunger strike that sought to pressure Wolfe into stepping down sheds light on how united students have become for the cause of racial equality. "This is a movement, not a moment," Butler told reporters. Fellow grad students showed their support by staging a walkout, which was also captured on Steller by Hannah Black.

The active and peaceful scene on campus was turned desolate following threats made to black students, however. A Yik Yak chat that circulated online on Tuesday contained a message stating that any black students on campus would be shot the next day. The threats prompted a full investigation from campus and local authorities. Some teachers even canceled classes. Though a suspect was apprehended, students were still understandably wary of returning to the school. Photos from Mizzou's campus on Wednesday showed a deserted school with very few students.

Photos and videos prior to the threats show an impressive solidarity of students working towards racial equality on campus. The fight against racism certainly isn't over. Concerned Student 1950 has achieved one of eight demands made to the school — the resignation of Wolfe. They have also requested a formal written apology from the former campus head in addition to seeking more minority student retention as well as a more diverse faculty. To quote the activists on campus, "it's a movement, not a moment." Expect more poignant images and videos to emerge as students continue to fight for equality.