Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Isn't Just About Selena

It's official: Justin Bieber is back. The singer dropped his highly anticipated album Purpose shortly after midnight Friday, and honestly, it does not disappoint. For longtime Beliebers who have been with him since his "Baby" beginnings to new fans coming out of the shadows to admit, "Hey, I actually like this song," Purpose has a message for everybody. In fact, Purpose's lyrics could apply to so many life situations. You just gotta know where to look.

Leading up to Purpose's release, Bieber admitted that this was his most personal album to date and acknowledged that much of the material was inspired by his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez. On Monday, he sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and revealed that "What Do You Mean?," "Sorry," and "Mark My Words" were specifically about Gomez and their time together. The album clearly focuses on themes of love lost and redemption, which mirrors the singer's personal journey to prove himself to the music industry and fans.

BUT, words are always up for interpretation. Frankly, these lyrics could be about anything, and Purpose might just become the new soundtrack for your life.

When Your Car Won't Start & You're Already Late For Work

Where are you now that I need ya? Couldn't find you anywhereWhen you broke down I didn't leave ya, I was by your sideSo where are you now that I need ya?

— "Where Are Ü Now"

When You Give Your Mom A Spare Key To Your Apartment

So get used to me checking in all dayGet used to me falling through just to see your face

— "Get Used To It"

When You're In Spanish Class & You Don't Know What The F*ck Is Going On

What do you mean? Oh, ohWhen you nod your head yesBut you wanna say no

— "What Do You Mean?"

When You Have Your First Cup Of Coffee In The Morning

You give me purpose everydayYou give me purpose in every way

— "Purpose"

When You Spill Coffee On Your New White Rug

Like a permanent stain wishing I could just wash away, awayPrayed our love wasn't vainWho was to blame for all the pain? For all the pain?

— "Been You"

When You're The Only Single One Out Of Your Group Of Friends & You Desperately Need A Wing Woman For Tonight

Who's got the heart? Who's got it?Whose heart is the biggest?

— "Children"

When Your Boss Gives You Projects To Complete Over Thanksgiving Break

It's like you're always looking for a problemThe raining of equations for you to solve 'em

— "We Are"

When Your Barista Gives You Some Surprising #RealTalk

Yeah, sometimes the heart can see what’s invisible to the eyeAll you gotta do is listen to your deepest feelingsThey don’t ever lie

— "Trust"

When Your New Year's Resolution Is To Hit The Gym Everyday

Mark my words, that's all that I haveMark my words, give you all I gotIn every way I will

— "Mark My Words"

When You're Trying To Figure Out Job Goals

And don't do nothin' 'less your heart's in itHeart's in it, heart's in itDon't do nothin' 'less you're all in itAll in it, all in it

— "All In It"

When You're Having Just The Worst Day Possible & You Need A Reminder That It's Not For Forever

Life is worth livingLife is worth living, so live another day

— "Life Is Worth Living"

If there's any doubt, just have a listen to the full album and see if you can find other life messages from the Biebz. You can also purchase Purpose on iTunes here.

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