"Athleisure" Will Be In The Dictionary In 2016

by Kali Borovic

The fashion world is constantly making up new phrases for important trends, and one of these words is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. In addition to 12 other non-fashion words, athleisure is being added to the 2016 Merriam-Webster dictionary. Soon you will be able to talk about your comfy-meets-chic active wear without autocorrect fighting you every step of the way. Ah, what a world we live in.

New words are made up almost everyday, but the term athleisure becoming official is actually super important. Why? Because it means this revolutionary style of dress is here to stay, that's why. Sure, people have made up their own words before (hello, fashionista and jeggings), and plenty of them have stuck over the years. But being added to the dictionary means that athleisure is forever. Our children will be talking about the trend!

Think about it for a second. Athleisure is the defining style of the 2010s, just like the '80s had power dressing and the '90s had grunge. This generation will not go undefined — and we have some celebs-turned-designers to thank for it. Many of the new athleisure brands founded in the past year are headed up by celebrities, from Kate Hudson's Fabletics to Shay Mitchell's Fit To Wander.

So if you were once embarrassed to use the made-up term, have no shame! Soon you will be able to say, "Yaas, my new athleisure outfit is so on fleek" and be 100 percent grammatically correct. Times are a' changing, my friends.

If you're a little late to the athleisure game, no worries! Here's a little primer on some of the best pieces currently available.

1. Sexy Sports Bras

Bionic Bra, Revolve, $95

I think it's safe to say that this isn't your average sports bra. Wear it under a leather jacket for a night out or look chic at the gym — the choice is yours.

2. Jogger Pants

Plus Size Jogger Pant, Fit To Wander, $28

Stay stylish and comfy with these graphic sweatpants. What's better than looking great while feeling relaxed?

3. Printed Sneakers

Buhba Sneakers, Steve Madden, $80

These stylish sneakers are the perfect way to combine your love of fashion with your love of exercise.

4. Oversized Jackets

Beaded Anorak, Nasty Gal, $445

If you're looking to keep your sporty side alive while still looking sophisticated, an anorak jacket is the way to go.

5. Strappy Tops

Norvik, Fabletics, $70

Transitional tops are key for an athleisure outfit.There's nothing better than being able to walk out of the gym and head straight out to drinks with the girls.

6. Sporty Watches

Nixon, Lyst, $85

Perfect for the gym or the office, this watch is chic yet durable, which is exactly what this trend is all about.

7. Trendy Tees

Dip-Back T-Shirt, ASOS Curve, $36

It's all about the cutouts.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)