"The Break Up Shop" Ends Relationships For You, Just In Case Millennials Don't Have A Bad Enough Rap

The overwhelming nature of a break up can often lead to people putting them off. Thanks (?) to a new service by an online company who will break up with someone for you, you don't have to. And no, I'm not accidentally reporting on an Onion article. The company's services range from $10 to $80 and include break up options like: text messages, emails, custom letters, phone calls and sympathy gift options ... so you can be a real break up hero and include a video game or a box of cookies?

No doubt, ending a relationship can be debilitating. Finding the words is complicated, and knowing when it's the right time is impossible. So in theory, I can understand how a company like The Break Up Shop might have come into existence. I imagine one of the creators actually uttered out loud at some point "I wish there was an app that could just break up for me," because that's how many online services are born — out of niche needs.

But let's be real, how ethical is it to actually use this service? It's much more than convenience. In my opinion, it's a step away from humanity. In order to break up, you have to have been in a committed loving relationship. This isn't a service geared towards telling bad Tinder dates to eff off. This is a service meant to tell someone who at one point meant a lot to you, that you not only don't want to be with them any more, but you can't be bothered to end it yourself.

This concept discourages healthy communication and the psychological closure only accomplished by direct contact. Are you really doing yourself any favors by using a service like this?

How would you feel if you got dumped by the The Break Up Shop? Would you use the service yourself?

Image: Pixabay