Olive Garden Is Giving Dating Advice On Twitter

As Olive Garden used to say "when you're here, you're family," and America's favorite chain Nonna is getting ready to weigh in on your love life. @OliveGarden is serving up some piping hot dating advice, and it is just as free as their breadsticks. People from all over the world have been flocking to Twitter to respond with their own 140 character romantic quandaries peppered with the hashtag #AskAlfredo. The response has been so overwhelming that Alfredo is struggling to keep up with demands. The collective Internet has now even coined a new dating term: "breadstick and chill." Lord help us all. Will these tweets pull people back into this Italian eatery faster than the bargain wine? Who knows? Olive Garden could be on the verge of becoming the #1 dating hot spot again.

We haven't really been paying attention to Olive Garden since they horrifically decided to stop salting their pasta water back in 2014. Could this be just another ploy to worm their way back into our hearts? If it is, it's clearly working. They have hit on something big, plugging into the dating game. In the age of Tinder, it seems we are so desperate, we will literally listen to anyone for dating advice. Even a pasta-hocking hashtag.

Now, I love carbo-loading just as much as the next lady, but there are parts of this that unsettle my stomach. I want to play along, but we have to keep in mind that we are asking a corporate chain for personal love advice. It's adorable, but Alfredo is sadly limited to only giving us Olive Garden-positive food-centric guidance.

However, it does seem the popular Alfredo himself is even on the market now, if any ladies are interested.

So if you're hungry for love (or fettuccine), #AskAlfredo is happy to help.

Images: Pixabay; Twitter