This Is The Most Honest Christmas Ad Ever

If an alien civilization were tried to understand Christmas based solely on holiday ads, they would think that the end of December was the happiest, peppiest, most beloved part of the year. Of course, as is demonstrated by the new hilariously honest Christmas ad from Aldi, that isn't really the case. Let us be honest: we may have fun or happy holidays, but no one has ever had the type of Christmas represented on normal Christmas commercials.

Now, don't think I'm a hater. I actually love the holidays. I love the decorations, I love the food, I love seeing my family. I even love the weather. But even I, a certified lover of Christmas, lose my mind at least once per holiday season. I leave my Christmas shopping until too late, I forget to pack something important while traveling, I give myself at least one paper cut with wrapping paper, and I always find myself trying to untangle a string of Christmas light, even on years when I didn't plan on using any. How does this happen? Beats me. But the fact remains.

While many companies might have a vested interest in trying to make us believe that this time of year is actually joyful and completely stress-free, the truth is that the holidays involve even more stress than they do tangled strings of Christmas lights.

Here are a few examples of holiday stresses from Aldi's Australian Christmas commercial:

Wrapping Presents

Wrapping paper and tape are both evil, so when you try to bring them together you are outnumbered and it isn't fair.

Awkward Office Christmas Parties

All year we make an effort to be normal, civil, and bland enough to work together. Why are you trying to undo all that?

The Aforementioned String Lights

They should not get this tangled. It shouldn't be possible.


Stepping into any retail outlet in the month of December amounts to taking your life in your hands.

We all go through this every year, and every year the season seems to get longer and longer. So it's nice to finally see so much of our real holiday experience represented in an ad.

And if you're someone who doesn't even celebrate Christmas and still has to put up with all the associated madness... I am so sorry.