10 Subscriptions To Get Your BFF This Holiday Based On His Or Her Personality

The holidays are a good time for reflecting on the loved ones in our lives. If you’re lucky, you have an awesome best gal or guy pal. This is the person you text at all hours of the day and night, who’s always down for anything (like impromptu taco dinners or carb-fueled Orange Is The New Black marathons). You might even drag her along as your +1 to your company Christmas party. Your bestie is simply the best.

With that in mind, your BFF deserves an incredible gift. (Uh, no pressure!) Before you start scratching your head about what totally unique and amazing thing to get her (or him) this holiday season, might I suggest a gift that keeps on giving? Like, say, on a monthly basis?

Subscription boxes are available for just about every taste, hobby, and personality under the sun. So no matter who you’re shopping for, there’s bound to be something impeccable out there. The holiday season may typically conjure up thoughts of last-minute shopping trips, but we got you covered. So sip a peppermint mocha latte and relax; the perfect present is a few clicks away.

We've teamed up with Birchbox to round up some of our favorite gift subscriptions out there and let you know which of your BFFs they’re best suited for.

For The Health-Conscious BFF: Bestowed

Every month, Bestowed sends between seven and 10 healthy snacks and beverages, hand-picked by a nutritionist. If your bestie is the type to frequent farmers markets and yoga class, and choose herbal tea over coffee, then this is the way to go.

Give as a gift at bestowed.com.

For The Art & Design Lover: Papirmass

Here’s an awesome way for your artsy BFF to discover new artists and writers. Available as a yearlong subscription at a very affordable price, Papirmass sends one authentic piece of art each month — it could be a postcard set, a poster, a paper sculpture, or really anything at all — all featuring an original writing piece on the reverse side. It’s also a great choice for that friend who desperately needs to spruce up the bare walls in his or her apartment.

Give as a gift at papirmass.com.

For Your Favorite Female: Birchbox

Whether your BFF is a makeup junkie or a relative newbie, this is the gift. With makeup, hair, and skincare products from indie to designer brands, Birchbox will help your BFF discover new ways to expand her beauty arsenal. What also makes this so great for gifting is it’s available for upfront purchase in three-, six-, or 12-month options. Warning: you'll probably want to buy a subscription for yourself. With that said, since the boxes are customized, you'll have an excellent excuse to meet up and swap products every month over wine and cheese.

Give as a gift at birchbox.com.

For The Gym Rat: WODBOM

Created by a husband-and-wife team of CrossFitters, the WODBOM box features nutritional supplements, workout gear, and healthy snacks. Help your gym mirror selfie-taking bestie find her new favorite protein bar.

Give as a gift at wodbom.com.

For The Clothes Horse: ModaBox

Here’s a foolproof gift for the BFF that “never has anything to wear." ModaBox enlists a personal stylist to curate a box of clothing items, based on personal taste and preference. Your friend will have seven days to try everything on and decide what she likes and send back what she doesn’t.

Give as a gift at modabox.com.

For The Craft Beer Enthusiast: Rare Beer Club

With so many awesome craft breweries in existence now, does anyone not have a beer lover in their life? (Wait, is it you?) The Rare Beer Club offers a monthly subscription in which members receive two different styles of beers, customizable as time goes on based on past favorite selections. And since education is such a big part of beer culture, members also receive an email prior to shipments detailing their upcoming selections.

Give as a gift at beermonthclub.com.

For The Sweet-Toothed BFF: Treatsie

What better what to show your BFF some love than with sugary sweetness? Offering all sorts of gourmet sweets from pumpkin pie caramels to salt water taffy to edible cookie dough (omg), Treatsie is the ultimate subscription for dessert enthusiasts. I’m not-so-secretly hoping someone gets this for me, to be honest.

Give as a gift at treatsie.com.

For The Best Dude In Your Life: Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man is the best way for any guy to take his grooming routine up a notch — or several notches. Whether you gift a subscription to your male bestie, significant other, or good old dad, he's guaranteed to find something he likes. Before you know it, he'll be talking about his favorite new pomade or finally embracing the benefits of lip balm.

Give as a gift at birchbox.com.

For The Blinged-Out BFF: Olia Box

Gift your accessory-loving bestie with a rotating supply of fun jewelry. The service offers three different monthly subscriptions, which are priced based on how many items are in each box. Each month, Olia Box will send jewelry based on your preferred style: dainty, bold and chunky, or a mix of both.

Give as a gift at oliabox.com.

For The BFF Whose BFF Is Actually Her Dog: BarkBox

If your BFF is a dog owner, why not get them a joint gift? Let’s face it: you probably love that pooch almost as much as you love her, anyway. BarkBox sends four to six fun toys and healthy treats on a monthly basis based on the dog’s size.

Give as a gift at barkbox.com.

This post is sponsored by Birchbox.

Images: Kalim/Fotolia; Bestowed; Papirmass; Birchbox (2); WODBOM; ModaBox; Beer Month Club; Treatsie; Olia Box; BarkBox