7 Female-Centric Shows On Netflix You Should Watch After You Finish Marathoning 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3

If you, unlike me, lead a normal life (i.e. if you have a job and a life and things to do other than watch television all day), you probably are just now finishing up with Season 3 of Orange is the New Black . And, if you are, unlike me, someone who does not keep a legit list of “Female-Centric Shows to Binge Watch On Netflix Immediately,” then you might not know what to do with yourself now that you’ve made your way through the entire third season — especially since it’s summer now, and most shows are only airing repeats, or aren't quite as female-centric or diverse (two things Orange Is The New Black always is) as your OITNB missing heart would like them to be.

But, don’t fret, because I totally have your back. My trusty list-making skills and I are going to name a few lady-centric and smart shows on Netflix that you can spend your summer (or, you know, your weekend — I don't judge) gleefully marathoning. Think of this list like those recommendations Amazon gives you: “If you like Twining’s Earl Grey tea, you’ll LOVE Lady Grey!” That’s how this is going to work: If you love the smart women and compelling plots of OITNB, you’ll absolutely LOVE filling your summer with the following shows:

1. American Horror Story: Coven


The third season of American Horror Story, titled Coven, may be a little more gruesome than anything seen at Litchfield — but it features an all-female cast of lead characters who are anything but stereotypical clichés.

2. Gilmore Girls


This show is always my standard go-to, and it should be yours too — even if you’ve seen them all before. Never gets old!

3. The L Word


This show features a delightful collection stories about a group of women living in Los Angeles who identify as lesbian or bisexual. If you love the drama of OITNB and the way it's able to flawlessly develop multiple storylines featuring strong female characters, you’re going to totally dig this series.

4. Grace And Frankie


If you haven't tuned into Netflix's newest original series yet, you should absolutely get on board with it. The show stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two women brought together by a shared beach house and their two husbands — played by Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen — who have fallen in love with each other. The women lean on and support each other in response, and it's just amazing because LADY FRIENDS ARE THE BEST. Also, I have to say: The portrayal of the relationship between their husbands is one of the most nuanced I’ve seen on television today. Also, if you need another reason to tune in: It was co-created by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman.

5. Weeds


You'll never root more earnestly for a drug dealer than you will while watching this newly single mother (portrayed by Mary-Louise Parker) fight to keep her family afloat while navigating the ever-threatening world of drug kingpins and dealers.

6. Call The Midwife


Think of this English series, which focuses on a group of midwives, as an amazing combination of Downton Abbey and A Baby Story.

7. United States of Tara


I'll watch anything with Toni Collette, but this show is one of my favorites: Collette plays a woman with split personalities who is trying to balance all of four of her selves — along with her husband and children.

If you time it right, these shows will surely keep you occupied and entertained until Orange Is The New Black Season 4. (Or, you know, you can marathon them all at once. Either way, worth it.)

Image: JoJo Whilden/Netflix; Giphy (7)