Hood By Air's 'Empire' Collaboration Speaks To The Cookie In All Of Us — PHOTOS

Perhaps not since Sex and the City has a certain TV series' fashion been discussed and dissected as much as the Fox musical drama Empire. So, it was only a matter of time until designers jumped on the show's sartorial bandwagon to create clothes inspired by it. In that regard, Hood By Air's Empire clothing line is just what the fashion doctor ordered, and the clothes have the same amount of attitude and unapologetic fierceness as Cookie Lyons herself.

“Everyone I know was inspired by that show,” HBA designer Shayne Oliver said. “Cookie’s a boss, doesn’t take shit, doesn’t comply with any sort of male rules.” As an avant garde label that definitely defies fashion and beauty standards, Hood By Air was able to capture the show's spirit with it's Empire capsule collection. The clothes, which mostly consist of sportswear and accessories, incorporated images of the show's main characters as well as memorable quotes straight from Cookie's mouth ("I want what's mine"). Fans of the show will even recognize a backpack that resembles the pillow that Cookie tried to suffocate Lucious with in Season One.

Empire gives you that watercooler moment, the idea of having something that you can be like, ‘Oooh, girl, did you catch that?’” Oliver said. You can shop the HBA x Empire collection here, but check out these truly statement-making pieces below:

The HBA x Empire collaboration includes everything from graphic shirts and shorts, to a bodysuit emblazoned with the show's big headlines. ($120)

There's also a sweatshirt and tank that bears the image of Gabourey Sidibe's awesome Becky ($200)

And shirts with Hakeem in his G Pose. ($120)

You can watch the show and sip your Cristal in this "Po' Up" champagne glass ($40)

I am definitely putting this Jamal long sleeve tee on my Christmas wish list this year ($120).

Images: Courtesy Brand