U.S. Cities Increase Security Following Paris Attacks, But Don't Panic

As French authorities attempt to secure Paris following a series of six or seven terrorist attacks that took place across the city late Friday evening, the United States is preparing for the worst. President Obama called the horrific events on Paris late Friday night an attack "on all of humanity," and U.S. cities are on high alert, beefing up security to prepare for the worst case scenario. While numbers are still unconfirmed, the death toll from the Paris attacks was reportedly over 100 people.

Nearly 15 years have passed since 9/11, but America hasn't never forgotten what it was like to be on the receiving side of terrorist hate. What's happening in Paris is all too familiar, and for that reason, there is no such thing as being too careful with people's safety. It could mean the difference between life and death, which is why major metropolitan cities across the country are coordinating with each other to protect Americans.

New York Police Department tweeted a news alert saying it deployed counterterrorism units — the NYPD Counterterrorism Respond Command, Critical Response Group, and Hercules Teams — to popular public areas out of caution. The department said it was monitoring the events in Paris and that no immediate threat appeared to be made against the New York City.

Across the country, Los Angeles has added extra patrols at "critical infrastructure" and areas with large crowds as a precaution, though there was no indication the city could be a target. Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed his concern and support for Paris, tweeting, "No city should have to undergo the sheer terror which took place in #Paris. #LAPD stands with Paris against this unthinkable violence."

In Washington, D.C., despite no known threats, U.S. Capitol Police have increased security around the U.S. Capitol. According to WJLA, authorities are also deploying extra patrols to French-owned and other high-profile locations.

But while it's important to be safe and practice caution, let's make sure we don't give into the very fear that terrorism seeks to incite. The United States stands with Paris, unafraid of the hate that some seek to unleash onto the world.