Americans Support Paris After Terrorist Attacks, Remembering What France Did For The U.S. After September 11 — PHOTO

After the American tragedy that was Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were offered support from many countries around the globe. One of these countries was France, who offered their support and prayers — even adorning the ground beneath the Eiffel Tower with a giant American flag — during our most difficult days. Now, Paris has been struck with a brutal terrorist attack, and it's our turn to offer support.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Paris was struck by a series of terrorist attacks that left at least 160 dead according to The Daily Beast. The attacks, which police say were coordinated and linked, include an gunman (or gunmen) open firing on a crowded restaurant, a series of bombs exploding near a football stadium where French president François Hollande was present, and hostages being held and executed at Bataclan concert hall.

These terrifying events have left the city in a state of sadness and understandable shock. Paris residents are offering up their homes to house those who feel unsafe in the streets. But for those not in Paris, there are other ways we can aid those impacted by the attacks. Donating to the Red Cross, for one, or other organizations such as The Secours Catholique-Caritas France or French Secours Populaire will give help to those effected in the attacks.

As a populous with a conscience, it's our duty to reach out and help our neighbors (though they may be far) when they need us. Especially since, as some are pointing out on Twitter, they would do the same for us, and already have in the past.

The Walking Dead actor Austin Nichols summed it up well with this tweet: