18 'GOT' Responses Usable For Any Situation

Over the course of my 20-something years on Earth, I've found that I live my best life when I abide by the fictional ones on my TV. Now, I don't mean in all instances. There are some things I see on my screen that should never, ever be duplicated (and by that, I mean any and all seasons of American Horror Story). But, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a well written and well delivered sassy quip from time to time and apply it to my very own life, right? Speaking of, you know which show has sass in spades? The HBO fan favorite, Game of Thrones.There are plenty of hilarious, sassy, and flat-out amazing Game of Thrones responses perfect for any situation, and I'm ready to use them all.

In the midst of killing each other, fighting off White Walkers, piloting domesticated dragons, and drinking way, way too much wine, the Thrones characters have provided some of the absolute best GIF reactions that the Internet has ever seen. Yes, I am making that blanket statement, and you can fight me on it or challenge me to a duel or whatever. But, what's especially great about the material that GOT gives is that it is so versatile. You can apply the plethora of reactions to your everyday life and it will always feel right, regardless of the fact that they live in a mythical world under vastly different circumstances than we regular folks.

Here are 18 GOT reaction GIFs for any situation:

1. When Someone Offers You A Piece Of Gum

After a long day of searching.

2. When You Meet Someone With The Same Name As You

But how do you spell it??

3. When Your Friend Asks For Relationship Advice

That's pretty much it.

4. When You're Almost Out Of Clearasil But You're Not Out Of Pimples

Like, you're an adult. Acne? Still?!

5. When Your Beloved Baby Brother Crashes The Family Car

Not so adorable now, are you?

6. When You See A Juicy Fight On Social Media But You're Trying To Be Above It

But you care so much and want to know all the details so you cave and DM one of the parties.

7. When You're Unwittingly Cat Called At A Bar

It's what you don't say, really.

8. When Your Facebook Friends Share The Same Faux News Article

Guys. Guys. Come on.

9. When You're Trying To Preach Tolerance For Man Buns

Because, tbh, you love 'em.

10. When Your Workout Buddy Is Planning On Ditching You After A Particularly Killer Spin Class

So you guilt them, obvs.

11. When You Get An Unexpected Surge In Twitter Followers

It's a total mystery.

12. When You See A Cute Dog On The Street That Seems Afraid To Approach You

Def not this trusting with humans.

13. When Your Sister Tells Your Overbearing Mother About The New Guy Your Hooking Up With, But Definitely Not Dating Yet

Loose lips sink ships and don't get to borrow any of my shoes. (I think that's how that saying goes).

14. When You Really Don't Want To Go To A Thing, So Someone Suggests You Stay Home

Don't be ridiculous. That's the best part.

15. When Someone Finds Justin Bieber Songs Under Your "Purchased" Playlist

There's no room for judgement. You hate yourself enough already.

16. When A TV Show Ruins Your OTP, And You're Forced To Watch Them With New Love Interests

A repulsive injustice.

17. When Your Friends Ask Why You're Talking To Your Ex Again

Also, cause you're going through a dry spell.

18. When You're Watching Game Of Thrones And Realize That George R.R. Martin Killed Another One Of Your Faves

Sure is.

Oh, GOT. Thank you for your endless wonders. And, you know, being so gosh darn relatable in the face of being not relatable at all.

Images: HBO; Giphy (18)