How To Bond With Your Partner Today

Relationships are amazing and incredibly fulfilling. But they don’t just become that on their own. Two people have to work together to build a bond and sustain a lasting relationship. I know that days go by, and then weeks go by, and then it’s the new year before we know it. Time flashes before our eyes while we are busy getting lost in our own lives. We sometimes forget that we have to actually put in effort in our relationships we want positive results. This heavily applies to our romantic relationships.

After the honeymoon phase has faded away and you two have finally had your first argument about directions, you’ll need new ways to feel connected. Watching Netflix while you two have dinner and being on your phones checking Instagram before you two go to bed isn’t necessarily what the doctor ordered. As a relationship expert who’s seen couples for therapy, I have witnessed all too well how partners can become disconnected. If you don’t put anything into your relationship, how do you expect it to survive all that life can throw at you? So stop staring at your phone and start staring into your partner's eyes. Here are the ways you can instantly bond with your partner today.

1. Going To Bed Together

Sure you should be doing other things in your bed together, but going to actual sleep with one another at the same time is vital. If you go to bed together, you are more likely to get down and dirty with your partner before you step into dreamland. Thus, bringing you two closer together. Furthermore, you will have a higher chance of getting your snuggle on, which leaves you two feeling closer than ever.

2. Work Out

Exercising is not only good to work out for your own personal health, but it’s helpful for your relationship as well. You are both bettering yourselves physically and doing it as a team. And now you have a good excuse to shower together afterwards. See? It's a win, win.

3. Have Dinner Together (Without TV)

Step up your dinner game with some conversation. Instead of watching the television while eating dinner, why not talk about your days together? Discuss what happened in the world today, something you learned, something that annoyed you, or better yet, just talk to each other.

4. Ask How Your Partner’s Day Was

It is so easy to come home and complain about your work day or that long paper you have to write. We can often forget to ask our other half how his or her day went. Sure, we need to vent, but our partner isn’t our therapist. Let them have some time on the couch too. He or she will appreciate your genuine interest.

5. Send Loving Texts

Now I’m not saying you need to sext throughout the day, although go right ahead if that's what you both want. I mean that you will feel extra close to your mate if you both send sweet and loving texts to one another. Not only will you be communicating the whole day, but it will also make you feel good to hear your partner say something sweet via text. Start the day off right with a lovely message letting him or her know how much you care.

6. Play A Game

There’s nothing that will bond you two like some friendly competition. Play a round of tennis and get your competitive spirit on. Or go bowling and see who’s truly a winner. Better yet, you can stay at home and play a board game. You’ll be sure to laugh and have a good time even if you lose because this bonding time is a clear winner.

7. Try Something New

Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, a type of food or a new sexual position, you both will feel more bonded after doing something new. Experiencing new things is what life is all about. What better way to bring you two together than by trying out new and exciting things. Explore together and see the positive result.

Staying close with you partner might seem like the easiest thing in the world, but it does requires a little effort more often or not, so you might as well get creative while doing so.

Images: Pexels; Giphy (7)