The Best Waterproof Socks To Keep Your Toes Warm

Oh man, is there anything worse than rain or snow trickling into your boots and absolutely freezing your feet? My answer is a resounding no, which is why I scoped out the best waterproof socks you can buy before the weather gets too crazy. Seriously, don't wait until the last minute or they might all be sold out!

As a pretty hardcore runner, I first discovered the need for waterproof socks after moving to New York last year. I only lived about three blocks from Central Park (dreamy, I know), which I meant I had zero excuses to skip my runs even if the weather was bad.

My tennis shoes are fairly water resistant, but one day, I unintentionally stepped in the sludge puddle to end all sludge puddles by a curb (those of you that live here know what I'm talking about) and my foot was submerged in grimy freezing street sludge water. Yuck to the freaking max, and I still had three miles to go. My little cotton socks were completely soaked through, and I literally spent forty minutes standing by my heater after that run to try and regain feeling in my toes. While waiting for them to thaw, I hopped online, purchased my first pair of waterproof socks, and never looked back.

To avoid freezing toes and wet, squishy shoes this winter, shop these waterproof socks ASAP:

1. Mid Weight Knee Length Sock

Mid Weight Knee Length Sock, $38, SealSkinz

100 percent waterproof and reaching all the way up to your knee, these Merino wool-lined socks are seriously ready for anything.

2. Mid Weight Mid Length Sock

Mid Weight Mid Length Sock, $33, SealSkinz

My sister hates when socks touch her knees, so if you want a mid calf-hitting SealSkinz alternative, reach for these.

3. Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks

Dexshell Pro Waterproof Socks, $46, Amazon

Known for being both waterproof and highly breathable, these slip under my sneakers super easily and aren't bulky at all. Bonus points for cozy Merino wool lining.

4. Gore-Tex Waterproof Socks

Gore-Tex Waterproof Socks, $64.99, Rocky

Expensive? Yes. Worth it if you know your feet will be continually exposed to water all day (i.e. skiing and snowboarding)? Yes!

5. Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks

Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks, $30, Amazon

The most lightweight of the bunch, these socks are made with eco-friendly bamboo rayon and great if you know you might be (literally) running into puddles.

6. Dry Foot Liner Sock

Dry Foot Liner Sock, $6, Wigwam

By far the best budget-friendly option, this pair won't hold up if you're hiking through snow all day but is a great option to pop under rain boots or tennis shoes.

7. HydroSkin Wet Socks

NRS HydroSkin Wet Socks, $17-$50, Amazon

HydroSkin socks features a DWR coating so water "beads" up and rolls right off. It's pretty nifty to watch!

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Images: David Holt/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands