Drunk Girls React To Puppies & It Is Too Precious For Your Eyes — VIDEO

What do you get when you mix alcohol, your co-workers and adorable puppies? Answer: this video of drunk girls meeting puppies. Whoever pitched this original idea is a gentle(wo)man, and a scholar. Bless their hearts and brains for thinking that this was the perfect weekday treat. (Spoiler: IT IS.) I am blatantly asking to be invited to one of BuzzFeed's next Christmas parties, assuming that these pups will be the guests of honor.

I mean, let's get real. When you combine alcohol and puppies you can only get perfection. People's filters are gone the moment a shot or five enters their system. Alcohol allows them to be as emotionally free as possible. And why wouldn't you be?! We are all secretly wishing that a pile of four-legged fur balls fall on our laps almost every single moment of every day. These girls just happen to have it happen in real life! I bet it felt like a little cuddle-filled miracle. Can you guys tell how desperate I am to adopt a puppy? February cannot come fast enough.

One of the girls started to cry — actual tears, you guys. Thats a level of commitment Leonardo DiCaprio would be proud of. I know I can totally relate to every emotion that goes into meeting a dog. I don't even need alcohol to be close to tears when I'm around one. Prime Example:

That's not my dog. That's my neighbor's dog. I am closer and closer to just keeping her at my place because she makes everything better. The girls from BuzzFeed would agree.

1. Breaking It Down

Most folks get dogs, then get kids. Reason being, dogs require a lot of love and attention. It's like having a kid who can never tell you exactly what they want with words. In the GIF above we learned that some parents have dogs on purpose but kids by accident.

2. Miracles Exist

Oh, just look at their faces! That's like Christmas for adults. In fact, alcohol and puppies is the closest we can get to feelings like kids at Christmas again.

3. Getting Real

Make sure all your doors are closed before sitting down with some whiskey and pups. You don't want to drunkenly get all of your friends for a search party!

Watch the full video and reactions below. Don't say I never gave you anything!

Images: YouTube (4); Dasha Fayvinova