How To Wear Jewelry In The Winter

If you're convinced bundling up to stay warm this winter means sacrificing jewelry in favor of scarves, hats, and gloves, think again. I'm pumped to inform you that with a just few easy hacks, you'll know how to wear jewelry in the winter without a single piece getting totally buried under your layers. Whether necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets are your thing (or heck, all of them), I've got you covered.

There are two major issues you face with wearing jewelry in the winter: wind and pieces moving around or getting caught under your layers. Luckily, both can be tackled.

As a hardcore lover of accessorizing, I learned how to wear jewelry in the winter thanks to first learning how not to wear jewelry in the winter. For instance, I absolutely love long, dangling earrings, and wear them more or less 24/7. But one particularly windy day in Manhattan last February made me realize that, if I wanted to keep my earlobes intact until spring, I was going to have to change up my look and reach for some less "jangly" pieces. I'd like to think my sad little stretched piercing holes have recovered from being hardcore stretched that day, but it's hard to say.

Learn from my mistakes so you know exactly how to wear jewelry in the winter without any painful trial-and-error stories!

1. Fashion Tape For Necklaces

My fashion writing obsession, Leandra Medine of ManRepeller, interviewed Stacie London earlier this year. London had an epic tip for keeping necklaces in place, rain, sleet, snow, and scarves be damned!

Fashion Tape, $8, Target

Use fashion tape (yup, boob tape) to hold your necklace in place against your shirt. No one will notice, and you won't constantly be looking down wondering if your necklace slid at all.

2. Stud Earrings

Round Matte Silver Studs, $8, Etsy

Instead of dangling earrings, studs are a great alternative that won't blow around in the wind. Clean and classic.

Silver Triangle Ear Jacket Earrings, $17, Etsy

Add a bit of punky edge with these "jacket" style stud earrings.

3. Small Hoops

Tiny Gold Hoop Earrings, $10, Etsy

Similarly, small hoops give you all of the chic style of dangling earrings without any of the wind-catching pull. Timeless gold hoops will go with everything.

Small Silver Hoops, $17, Etsy

With their slide-in style, these hoops aren't going anywhere!

4. Cuffs

Adjustable Armband, $23, Zara

Instead of skinny bracelets you can't slide over your gloves, look for bigger cuffs that you can get on your wrists that also won't get totally lost under your jacket. No matter how thick your sweater sleeve is, you'll be able to pop this dramatic cut over it.

Cut Out Cuff, $14, ASOS

Another easy option to make sure your bracelet fits over your sleeves is to reach for cute cut out cuff styles.

5. Gloves With Wiggle Room

Snowman Design Mittens, $18, ASOS

Got an engagement ring you don't want to take off, or just obsessed with rings in general? Dodge skintight gloves in favor of pairs that you can easily slide on and off, rings included.

Along with plenty of wiggle room, how freaking cute are these?

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves, $48, Bootstrap Project

For the ultimate in wiggle room, consider fingerless gloves! This gorgeous pair is handwoven in Nepal in partnership with the Bootstrap Organization, which provides widowed women with a way to sustain their families. Awesomeness all the way around.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands