What Your Favorite Earrings Say About You

by Christie Drozdowski

There are so many choices in earring styles — just go to the jewelry section in any of your favorite stores, and you can find a new pair of earrings to wear every day of the year! But we all have our favorite types of earrings: The ones we continually go back to.

Sure, hoop earrings had their moment, only to go out of style and then come back in again, but there are those all-the-time hoop earring wearers who don't give a second thought to whether or not they're in fashion. These dangling circles are a true staple for some women! Then there are those who prefer simple studs, keeping their ear lobes light and carefree. Other (more adventurous souls) prefer to wear gauges to complete an outfit. And then there are the classic, affluent diamond earring wearers who know the value of some good, old-fashioned earwear. But whatever your favorite type of earring, there's probably plenty to say about you based on the choices you make.

Of course, you're likely to find that you wear a combination of all these styles, and therefore you possess a combination of each of these personalities — because none of us are just one thing. Nevertheless, here's what your earring-sign, like your star sign, speaks about you. Granted, this is just my take on accessorizing as a means to self-expression. Because obviously, it's a great and fashionable tool for just that!


You are the woman with tons of friends. Your social life is your life. Just like the shape of your earrings, you're open to new experiences and love meeting new people. You have a big personality, and more than likely, you always have lots to say. Whenever there's a social gathering, you are typically the life of the party, and with your sass and big smile, it's no wonder people want to be around you.

Dangling Earrings

You have a unique style, but you're not terribly flamboyant. Just like these earrings, you like more than just the average, but you're not into extremes. Beads may feature in your dangling style of earrings, and that represents the creative and colorful side to you; the part that appreciates the little things in life and tries hard not to take things for granted. You probably also love to be in nature and appreciate earth tones and handmade jewelry.


You're a no fuss type of gal. You enjoy keeping it simple in life, and don't really have time for frills and fluff. It's likely that you're athletic and keep a traditionally "healthy" lifestyle. If, however, you're the woman who wears multiple studs all the way up her ear, starting at the lobe, you're probs the type of person who wants it all and doesn't see why one shouldn't have it all. There are many facets to your personality, and you know exactly which one to turn on for each occasion.

Unique/Full Ear

Like your earrings, you like to make a statement. It's likely you do the same with your choice of clothing. You know who you are and you're not afraid to show it either. Chances are that you're also creative, with a specific eye for design. You can see the appeal of things in life that others don't tend to grasp, making you just as unique as your earwear.

Huggy Earrings

It's almost like you're the grown up version of a Hoops wearer. In fact, you probably wore hoops when you were younger, but huggies are a bit of a more sophisticated version of the "antiquated" style. That friendly and open personality has turned into a nurturing and motherly persona. You're dependable. You love tying up loose ends, and more than likely, your life is in order. We all look up to you.


You just love extremes and not much can scare you or keep you from doing something you set your mind to. You probably live an alternative lifestyle and enjoy going against the grain. In this way, you are a trendsetter, and it's likely that you carry a lot of influence over the way people think about things. You're not just a loud and eye-catching person like your earrings, though. You are probably influenced by music and/or bands that create a deep, emotional impact on your soul.

Precious Gems

You appreciate the real deal. You don't like fake things, and more than likely you can recognize truth and authenticity in life situations. It's rather possible that, unlike the gauge wearer, you live your life in a more traditional way, having a penchant for financial stability rather than spur-of-the-moment travel. You enjoy hosting and entertaining people in your home, and you probably have a gift for putting on events.

Images: Fotolia; maria_cotro, lovelylizziesdesigns, bronzeandbutterflies_yyc, prittyfeed, thescoutguidenc, mysticmetals, elinoffgallery/Instagram