The 5 Top Zoom Theories For 'The Flash' Season 2

As a result of defeating the Reverse-Flash at the end of The Flash Season 1, a singularity opened over Central City that led to an alternate universe, which the show is calling Earth-2. Of course, that in turn opened up even more problems for Barry Allen and his team to handle. Now in Season 2, The Flash introduced new villain Zoom, forcing Barry to face off with another evil speedster. However, unlike last season, when Harrison Wells skulked about S.T.A.R. Labs obviously keeping huge secrets from his team (and hiding the Reverse-Flash suit in his possession), the identity of this baddie has been kept under wraps, leading many fans to come up with Zoom theories for The Flash.

With a mystery as big as who's under the Zoom mask, everyone who watches The Flash probably has their own ideas. However, with people suspecting everyone from Iris' mother, as E! Online suggested, to a number of Earth-2 doppelgängers of characters we already know and love, the theories include almost everyone on The Flash, and some are much more likely than others. Here's a breakdown of the five best Zoom theories, and the likelihood they might turn out to be true.

1. Someone We Haven't Met Yet

Let's get this out of the way first: there are a number of possible candidates from the DC Comics universe — like Hunter Zolomon from The Flash comics — that could be hiding under Zoom's (pretty terrifying) mask. But, given the season's focus on doppelgängers, it would be a terrible twist to introduce a new character now, just to be revealed as the villain. So, it seems likely that Zoom is someone we already know, but who? Let's get into that!

2. Earth-2 Harrison Wells

Early on in Season 2, The Flash made it seem as though Earth-2 Harrison Wells was up to no good — stealing from Mercury Labs, hiding his motives from the team, generally being an unfriendly grouch — making some think he could be Zoom. However, the show just can't pull the same trick twice, so Zoom can't be Harrison Wells, although he definitely has something to do with the creation of the villain.

3. Earth-1 Jay Garrick

We know that he's a hero on Earth-2, but we don't know anything about the Earth-1 version of Jay Garrick, who could be Zoom. The biggest problem with this theory, though, is Wells' insistence that he made Zoom, hinting that the villain has to be someone from Earth-2. Of course, who's to say Earth-1 Jay Garrick didn't get sucked through the singularity just like Earth-2 Jay, and they essentially switched places? It's possible, though that seems needlessly convoluted.

4. Earth-2 Joe West or Henry Allen

The most heart-wrenching of the Zoom theories are those that include either Earth-2 doppelgängers of Barry's father figures. Earth-1 Joe helped raise Barry and has been an emotional constant for him through his transformation to The Flash. Earth-1 Henry may have left Central City rather abruptly after his release from prison, but there's no doubt he loves his son. If Zoom is the doppelgänger of either Joe or Henry, it will be an incredibly emotional battle.

5. Earth-2 Barry Allen

When Professor Stein explains the doppelgängers of Earth 2, he says the alternate version of Barry could be an electrician for all they know, but one of the prevailing theories as to the identity of the villain beneath the mask states that Zoom is Earth-2 Barry. So far in Season 2, Barry has been his own worst enemy, metaphorically speaking. The revelation that Zoom is Barry's doppelgänger could make that a more literal theme of the season, giving this theory more weight than most. So, viewers might have a Barry vs. Barry fight coming up on The Flash, which I for one am looking forward to.

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW (2); Giphy (3); thecwflash/Tumblr