All The Things We Still Have To Ask Our Dads About

by Brianna Wiest

No matter how grown up, independent, don't-need-nobody-to-fix-or-help-with-nothin' we think we are after the ripe and tender age of 23, we're always brought right back down to Earth when we consider all the crap we don't know how to do and never cared to ask about. For those of us lucky enough to have a parent in the picture that's generally competent and like, you know, speaks to us, we have someone to walk us through even the most basic of tasks just a phone call away. And while it's not always our dads that we call for help with motor vehicles and bills, for many people, it is. So to document (and slightly parody, though it's more realistic than not) said frenzy, BuzzFeed released a video on all the things we still have to ask our dads about, and funnily enough, they were pretty on point.

From the practical (Will an electric breaker electrocute you if you touch it? How do you get a 401(k), after you know what it is? Are things like oil changes mandatory or just, light suggestions?) to the downright heart-melting ("How did you know you wanted to marry mom/dad?"), our dads are endless wells of information we only thought was useless until we needed it. Check out the scenes and video below, and commiserate with us on how absolutely helpless you can feel from time-to-time and how amazing it is to know that you have someone who is only a push of a button away from saving your dumb ass.

Party Pooper ... But Actually

(Don't tell me this isn't your worst fear. It is everyone's worst fear.)

How To Car?

So... when it comes to things like car maintenance, how much is essential, and how much is just "light suggestion?"


If they would have taught financial literacy in school, I'd be fine, but now I know how to calculate a tangent and not how to save for retirement.

Watch the full video here: