Watch The Ultimate One Direction Then & Now

In case I haven't shed enough tears over One Direction's impending hiatus, they had to go and do this. And by, "this," I mean One Direction performed "Perfect" on X Factor UK , simultaneously returning to their roots and rendering me into a puddle of emotion. Not only is this the perfect (no pun intended, guys, I promise) bookend to this chapter of their careers, but it shows how far they've come since their first live performance on the show.

While only four member of One Direction returned to sing "Perfect" on the show, they were as strong as ever. Louis Tomlinson's pompadour game was strong, Liam Payne rocked a strand of hair not unlike Zayn Malik's at the 2014 American Music Awards, and Harry Styles gave it his all, despite a sore throat. Their performance was one of seasoned professionals and it's sure to bring a tear to the eye of any reality TV fan, Directioner, or music lover. Will this be their last visit to the show that launched their meteoric career? Only time will tell. You can watch the nostalgia-inducing performance of "Perfect" in the video below. (You might want to grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's, just in case.)

Of course, I couldn't resist re-visiting One Direction's first-ever live performance on the show, their cover of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." It was a different era in which voices were still changing, Payne had a Bieber-esque haircut, and 1D was cloaked in innocence. While they had the foundation of superstardom, there's no doubt that their performance had the hesitance of inexperienced singers.

Naturally, there's so funny moments mixed in with everything. Niall Horan has exaggerated enthusiasm, Malik looked terrified, and Styles' and Tomlinson's dancing is so awkward. But there's a sweetness in that it shows the band's growth. One Direction, don't forget where you belong. If you ever feel alone, don't. You were never on your own — and the proof is in this song.

Image: AXS (screenshot)