This Is The Anti-Party Anthem You Need To Hear

If you're sick and tired of the bar scene, you need to check out British electronic music duo Snakehips' new song, "All My Friends," featuring R&B singer Tinashe and Chance the Rapper. With its relatable lyrics about partying fatigue and its massive, sing-along chorus, I can definitely envision the track taking off stateside. After all, it's right on trend: Alessia Cara's current hit, "Here," similarly denounces the ritual of going out and getting smashed every weekend.

On the first verse to "All My Friends," Tinashe sings about feeling alone, even when she's in a club full of people: "We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals / Sure, I get lonely when I'm the only / Only human in the heaving heat of the animals / Little brown salt stinging on my tongue and I / I will not waver, I will not wait its turn / It will beat, it will burn, burn, b-burn your love into the ground / With the lips of another / Do you get lonely? / Sure, I get lonely sometimes."

On the infectious hook, she laments spending another night under the influence, another night attempting to escape reality: "All my friends are wasted / And I hate this club / Man, I drink too much / Another Friday night wasted / My eyes are black and red / I'm crawling back to your bed." Watch the just-released "All My Friends" music video below.

The narrator in "All My Friends" is trapped; she dulls the shame and regret she feels after going out and getting trashed by going out and getting trashed again. It's a seemingly endless cycle. I think the song speaks to anyone who's ever felt "stuck" in life. Sometimes, you're able to identify what's holding you back long before you're able to find the strength (and courage) to break free from its grasp.

"All My Friends" is available on iTunes and Spotify now. Tinashe's sophomore album, Joyride , is reportedly due out at the beginning of 2016. Be sure to also check out her latest single, "Player."

Image: SnakehipsVEVO/YouTube