Father Creel & Galavan's "Brothers" Are In 'Gotham

by Kayla Hawkins

Theo Galavan wasn't in this episode of Gotham ("A Bitter Pill To Swallow"), but it sure felt like he was. Most of the talk was about Galavan, took place in Galavan's apartment, and the finale, where Father Creel brought his monks into Gotham City, moved Galavan's plans back into the foreground before the fall finale of the show.

Father Creel appeared briefly at the beginning of the season, for one very short scene where he performed some sort of ritual on an emotional Galavan and asked about Bruce Wayne, presumably in order to kill him. Killing Wayne is an important symbolic gesture for the Galavans because they want to avenge a long-ago wrongdoing that killed one of their ancestors, and even formed a cultish obsession over murdering the Wayne heir.

And the shadowy men who appeared with Creel on the Gotham City docks are clearly experienced at killing. Those "brothers," as Creel called them, were dressed all in black robes, very similar to the uniform Creel and Galavan wore while performing their religious ceremony, and killed an innocent security guard simply for asking the group to leave. Poor Bruce had better resist the temptation to follow Silver to that hotel — because some very unsavory knife-wielding monks might be waiting for him there. Galavan has more than proven he's untrustworthy before.

The identity of these Dumas family "brothers" is still in question, though. Might they be based on the Court of Owls, a comic book group of assassins? They dress in shadowy clothes and kill at the command of rich people. However, the religious backstory doesn't really fit with the Court, who are more of a conspiracy that have been a part of Gotham City for centuries.

All that and more should be answered in Gotham's fall finale on Nov. 23, when according to the trailer, Galavan will be released from jail and he should slowly start drawing Bruce Wayne into his clutches.

Image: FOX; Giphy