Rita Ora Looks Completely Natural For 'Self' Cover

by Kali Borovic

The ability to switch up styles is a real talent, and it's something that this singer knows all about. Although she's mostly known for bold style, Rita Ora kept it natural on the cover of Self and it paid off. This could be the star's best cover yet.As a singer, designer, and actress, it seems like there's nothing that Ora can't do. On top of that, her style proves to be just as versatile as her job title. From gorgeous red carpet looks to nailing the perfect blowout, I'm convinced that Ora is the ultimate beauty chameleon. After all, she's been on more than 20 magazine covers and has yet to have the same look twice.

Her cover resumé includes everything from stripped down and subtle looks to high-glam couture, but her Self cover might just be her most laid-back yet. She gets personal in her interview with the magazine, saying, “I see myself as a 360 artist, not just one-laned. I like to do everything," she tells Self. “Dominaaatttion!” I'd say that sentiment applies to her cover girl skills as well as to her artistic pursuits.

Ora's proved time and time again that she can do it all when it comes to her career and her style. It wouldn't surprise me if she was talking about complete fashion domination. After all, she did walk out of Vera Wang's latest show wearing an outfit straight off the runway. Can you say "high glam?"

Ora looks flawless on her latest cover — just check out those perfect brows! Let's look at some of her past cover to see just how varied her look really is.

1. Bold And Beautiful

This up close and personal cover showed off her quirky-cool style.

2. Stripped-Down Glam

How she manages to look so high glam while not wearing any clothing is a complete mystery to me.

3. Adorably Edgy

A red lip and barely-there eye make the perfect mix of edgy and sweet.

4. Girly Couture

Pretty in pink with a red lip.

5. Pop Of Color

Her green nail polish brought a little bit of edge to a subtle cover shot.

6. Fun-Filled

From the colors to her facial expression, this is one fun-filled shot.

7. Double Take

You might have to look twice to realize that it's Ora, but her nude lip and hair style make for a fantastic shot.

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Images: Status Magazine, GQ, Flare, Elle, Glamour, Elle South Korea, Clash