And The Most-Shared Food GIFs Are...

If there's one method of image-based communication that could give our beloved emoji a run for their money, it's the liberal use of GIFs — particularly when it comes to communiqué about food. But what are the most-shared food GIFs? According to the folks behind the GIF keyboard Riffsy, they're not exactly surprising… but I'm willing to bet that they'll have you salivating anyway. Just… trust me on this.

Fun fact: The delightful little pieces of bite-sized animated wonder we now know as GIFs — short for Graphics Interchange Format — were first introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987. Their purpose was to provide a color image format for the service's file downloading areas; previously, only a black and white format was available. The glorious creation that is the World Wide Web was later responsible for their rise in popularity, and, well… we all know how that all ended up.

Since their humble beginnings, GIFs have become even more accessible through GIF database websites and GIF keyboards like Riffsy. Can't be bothered to boot up your phone's browser, find the GIF you're looking for, save it, stick it into a text message or email, and send it off to your best pal? That's what Riffsy is for. It has full access to the Internet, allowing you simply to switch over to the Riffsy keyboard, find the GIF that best illustrates how you're feeling, pop it in, and send it off with ease.

And I don't know about you, but food GIFs? They are perhaps second only to ridiculous cat GIFs. Here are the five most-shared food-related images according to Riffsy:

1. So Many Cheeseburgers

And I would like to shove all of them in my face, please and thank you.

2. Delicious, Delicious Bacon

Why must you torture us so with your horrid, dreadful health risks, bacon?

3. Pizza Is The World's Most Perfect Food

Because of course it is.

4. Hi There, Sushi-Eating Cat

I really wish I were you right now. Just sayin'.

5. All The Doughnuts

To quote South Park, aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy (5)