What Your Favorite YA Author Says About You

by Alex Weiss

The young adult genre is filled with some of the best and most promising authors. Where would we be without John Green's lovable characters and tear-jerking novels — or Suzanne Collins' dystopian world of Panem? And it's impossible to forget J.K. Rowling and her generous gift of Harry Potter — a series that has made a lasting impact on the world for nearly 20 years. It's obvious that these authors are amazing, so it goes without saying that you have a favorite or two.

Maybe you're someone who has reread Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles series so many times you practically have it memorized. Or it's possible that you have always been a dedicated Judy Blume fan and plan to be forever. No matter which YA author decorates your bookshelf, you're hooked on his or her writing.

YA is known for delving into multiple genres, but at its core it is all about the coming-of-age story. And the type of characters and storyline that you most enjoy can say a lot about who you are. You already know that your favorite YA author gets you, but are you ready to find out what your favorite YA author says about you? From Tamora Pierce to Sarah Dessen and everyone in-between, here's what your favorite YA author says about your personality:

1. John Green Or Rainbow Rowell

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Loving John Green's or Rainbow Rowell's books is similar to loving life. So naturally, you're a go-getter and positive person. You aren't afraid to showcase your emotions in front of your best friends, but you somehow become a shy turtle in front of your crush. Being awkward is a specialty of yours and it makes it easy to relate to Green's characters. You're the type of person to look at the world in metaphors and that makes you one unique cookie.

2. Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth

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Reading about worlds like Panem or Veronica Roth's dystopia in the Divergent trilogy is like eating Halloween candy for you. It's exciting, surprising, and sometimes scary. You're always trying to figure people out, along with any problems you're faced with. A challenge is something to be embraced as far as you're concerned, and being brave is one of your many positive traits. Sometimes you can come on a bit strong in new relationships, but you're true to yourself and that's what matters most.

3. Sara Shepard or Cecily von Ziegesar

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Your "guilty" pleasure might be Gossip Girl and you're not afraid to admit how much you obsess over Pretty Little Liars. It's been clear since you were little that not much can scare you. You value your friends above everything else which means you're somewhat of the "mom" friend. You're always making sure that everyone gets home safely and that your drunk BFF doesn't text her ex eggplant emojis again. You're always fashionably dressed and are exceptionally good at making it seem like you have your life together.

4. Maggie Stiefvater or Laini Taylor

Like Maggie and Laini, you're one-of-a-kind. There's no easy way to describe you, other than you live an incredibly creative life. Some days you feel like wearing a lot of bright make-up, other days you rock the bed head look. You're made up of sassy comebacks and punny jokes. Everyone knows your sarcastic personality has no bounds, and you're thrilled when you meet a fellow sarcastic human. You have a close group of friends and a crazy family that you wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

5. J.K. Rowling

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You grew up with the Harry Potter series and still consider it your favorite because there's no way anything could beat it. You're the type of person to look at the bigger picture on a project and be less detail-oriented. You have a lot of ambitious goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. You never give up, even when your magic runs low or the dark lord (your evil boss) tries to get you down.

6. Nnedi Okorafor, Tamora Pierce, or Sarah J. Maas

Tamora Pierce, Nnedi Okorafor and Sarah J. Maas write books that are the fantasy escapes you dream of when you're not nose-deep in a book. You're a try-anything-once kind of person when it comes to clothing, food, and life in general. You're independent more than anything else, and you remain that way even in romantic relationships. You like to do everything yourself, even in big group projects, which can sometimes get you into trouble. But getting out of trouble is one thing you're also talented at.

7. Sabaa Tahir, Marie Lu, Kiera Cass, or Marissa Meyer

You love stories set in fantastical worlds with high-stakes situations around every corner. And that's similar to how you live your life. Every choice is carefully calculated with every scenario of fault accounted for. You like to plan out your daily to-do lists and are the one people turn to when they want to plan the next group vacation. At work or school, you're the one that's always coming up with innovative ideas and are often complimented on your creativity. If the world is every in big trouble, you're fairly confident that you'd have some role in saving it.

8. Judy Blume

There's no one that can give you better life advice other than Judy Blume. You strive to be calm under stressful situations and are therefore a natural peacekeeper among your friends and family. You aren't afraid to talk about the more taboo topics like sex, relationship issues, and bodily functions. You're confident in who you are and most people can sense that as soon as they meet you. You're a softy at heart and will turn into a an excited child when you see a puppy, and that's just the beginning of your kind personality.

9. Jenny Han, Stephanie Perkins, or Sarah Dessen

You're a hopeless romantic, and you watch Titanic whenever it pops up on cable. As a teenager you were interested in having a relationship, and, OK maybe you would have been described as a tad boy-crazy. You believe that love is the answer to everything but know it comes in all different shapes and sizes. While you've probably been through a few heartbreaking situations, you've always picked yourself up and grow stronger with every experience.

10. Lauren Oliver or Gayle Forman

You probably love Gayle Forman and Lauren Oliver so much because stories about life and death scenarios get your heart racing. You're focused on living the best life you possibly can by living without regrets and doing something nice for the greater good. You've got a bit of a mystical side to you, whether that's believing in ghosts, miracles, or wishes coming true at 11:11. You do your best to avoid making mistakes or failing, but when you do, you see it as a lesson to be learned instead of something to fear.

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