Dad Accidentally Films Entire Trip In Selfie Mode

My father has made it clear to me that his generation is still behind in the whole technological revolution — every time he pokes my computer screen expecting it to be a touch screen, or calls me at odd hours to ask me how he can make Siri stop talking to him, or where he can find the videos he's taken of the family dog. So when I came across this video of a dad accidentally filming his whole vacation in selfie mode, I was like, of course. Because, dads. Because, technology.

In this now viral video, a charming Irish father sets out to discover the wonders of Las Vegas with a GoPro sidekick, courtesy of his tech savvy son. The problem however, is that he had the device set to selfie mode. In his defense, the GoPro does not have a big display screen, so it's not like his own face was staring back at him at the other end of the selfie stick.

To the best of his knowledge, he was sharing the sights with his son, documenting the big city for what would be a most memorable vacation video. Unbeknownst to him, he was making a video that would become a viral sensation, raking in close to five million views in four days. Also making him an unintentional comedic genius and the maker of dad envy everywhere. Enjoy some highlights here:

Sights To Be Seen!

No buddy, that's the view looking up.

Caught On Camera

Cracking himself up. It's so adorable that it's painful.

No clue

Just doot-da-doo. He thinks he's filming the scenic route the monorail passes through.

Watch the full video here:

Image: YouTube