People Revisit Their Old Instagrams & Regret It

Whether you are a social media diva or a more quiet user, Instagram has been helping you filter photos for over five years. Now, BuzzFeed’s video team has found the ultimate way to make their staff squirm: making people revisit their old Instagrams. Scroll back, way way back in your memory to the early days of Instagram, when it all seemed so shiny, and new, and filters were #EVERYTHING. We definitely didn’t all start out as pros.

Whether it was trying out every single filter on a selfie, or snapping an arty shot of office supplies, our 'grams have gone through a learning curve. The curated video clips and the tasteful black and white engagement shots I scroll through now, were not a thing of yesteryear. Who would have even thought back in 2011 that Instagram would turn into a playground for the Insta-famous, and that soon there would be jobs where people would get paid actual American money to post pictures on the app? Remember the blurry college party shot? The time you put a hamburger on your friend’s face and created #hamburgerface? Remember before everyone figured out privacy settings? We lived in simpler times, with only a small square box to work within.

Now, watch as these poor volunteers share old 'grams with the world and bare their Insta-shame. We all have cringe-worthy pics hiding deep in our photo folder. So whip out your phone, open the app, and take a walk down memory lane as we explore the four phases of learning to use Instagram:

Learning That It's Not Just A Photo Editing App

Ah, those innocent days when literally anyone could be creepin' on your gram.

Realizing That Art Is Everywhere

...if you've got nothing better to do with your day.

Learning Not To Post Drunk

That photo will last longer than the next day's hangover.

Experimenting With ALL The Filter Options

And, sadly, the result is painfully awkward.

To see all the Instagrams revealed watch the entire video here:

And for solidarity, I went back into my old grams and found this gem:

Images: pixabay, youtube