All The Best Adele Moments In 'When We Were Young"

Hey, Adele, "everybody loves the things you do," including the incredible, unparalleled facial expressions you make while performing live covers of your actually perfect songs, with your actually perfect voice. For example when you just casually dropped this "When We Were Young" music video of you performing the song live — taken from your new album, 25 — you were so point that I'm still over here like, wait, what just happened? What did I just watch?! Besides the vocals being impeccable, and the lyrics just resonant enough to give you entire body chills, the faces Adele makes during her live cover version of "While We Were Young" are basically, more or less, everything.

Though the song might be about Adele lamenting a past relationship, she is completely, 100 percent present during this low-key performance at The Church Studios. The physicality of her emotions practically jump out at you, her passion for music is visceral, and, overall, the song is catchy, melodramatic, and exactly what we've come to expect from the queen of sentimental songs. The kind of power and control Adele has over her voice and stage persona speaks volumes about the sincerity in which she creates her music. Let these 11 GIFs from "When We Were Young" serve as proof that Adele — facial expressions and all — is just killing it right now. (As if you needed another reminder.)

1. When She Starts Out Slow

HELLO, it's her.

2. When She Uses Appropriate Hand Gestures for Emphasis

You see, she's explaining a story.

3. When She Hits That First High Note


4. When Her Hands Convey Emotion

This is what emotion looks like.

5. When She Makes Her Point Clear

She's into this, I'm into this. We are all into this.

6. When the Chorus Breaks

*Dance break*

7. When She Leans Back

Boss. Adele is a boss.

8. When She Motions to Back Up

Swagger. Adele has swagger.

9. When This Happens

The part where, if you are human, you will get chills.

10. ... And This Happens


11. ... And This

Power: Part II.

12. When She Gets Mad

Again, emotion.

13. When She Realizes That She Slayed, But Is Still Humble

Bless this, her, all of it.

14. When She's Happy About The Performance

How could she not be though?! Honestly.

Is it November 20 yet, so we can all finally purchase 25? To appropriate Adele's own words, I'm getting restless!

Images: AdeleVEVO/YouTube (15)