The 7 Best Hair Glitters For The Holidays

The holiday season definitely doubles as the unofficial sparkle season. From glitzy dresses to over-the-top accessories, shimmery glam is everywhere, and this year, it's all about taking the look to your tresses. Here are the seven best hair glitters to use this winter, because sometimes, a glimmering outfit just isn't enough.

Glitter does have one major downfall, though — it has a tendency to get everywhere. Once you've gotten it in a chunky sweater or spilled the tiniest bit on your carpet, you're doomed to find the sparkly specs hanging around for years to come. (I'm not joking. My room is still recovering from my sparkly scrapbooking phase.)

But it's all for the cause, right? Everyone could use a little sparkle here and there, and adding it to your hairstyle is a fun, unique way to bring in some shine. Whether you use it as a highlight, like hair chalk, or opt to do this season's trendy glitter roots, you can't go wrong, at least not during this time of the year. The look is an especially fabulous way to bring a little festive cheer to an LBD, too.

Here are seven hair glitters to use for the most wonderful (and sparkliest time of the year.)

Gel Hold

Major Moonshine Glitter, $28, Amazon

Major Moonshine's formula is pretty much budge-proof because of its clutch gel formula. Apply it with a brush or your fingers — it's a buildable glimmer, so the more, the merrier (literally.)

Subtle Shine

Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray, $6, Amazon

If you don't want to fully commit to sparkly strands, try a subtle finishing spray, like Joico's.

Loose Glitter

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter, $32, Amazon

Loose glitter is a little more challenging to apply, but totally worth the results, if you've already got it on hand. Brit & Co recommends using pomade as a base. Using a glitter that matches your hair shade is an easy way to get a subtle sparkle, too.

Flecked Hairspray

Claire's Glitter Hairspray, $3, Claires

Using a glitter hairspray is a two-in-one way to add hold and holiday cheer to any hairstyle.

Liquid Sparkle

Ben Nye Aqua Glitter, $9, Amazon

These little liquid glitter bottles will work on your hair and your skin.

Aerosol Spray

Jerome Russell B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray, $6, Amazon

Aerosol glitter sprays are foolproof when you're looking for a sparkly touch throughout your locks.

Performance Ready

Yofi Cosmetics Glitter Spray, $9, Amazon

Yofi's glitter spray is designed with dancers and other performers in mind, so that holiday party definitely doesn't stand a chance.

Images: Major Moonshine; Courtesy of brands