20 Cheap Best Friend Gifts For Under $20 That Go Beyond Your Basic BFF Necklaces

I have two best friends — one from high school, and one from college. I love them both dearly, and want my holiday gifts to reflect that even when I’m broke. When it comes to picking cheap gifts for best friends, personalization and knowing their interests can make all the difference.

Like myself, both of my besties are bookworms who love wine, treats, and being creative. Really, the gifts I get them are gifts I’d probably also buy for myself. And I know how hard it can be to buy gifts you know everyone will like when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, but at least you know that your BFF will like you no matter how small or cheap a gift you get them. Cheap doesn’t always have to mean it’s poor quality or generic — there are plenty affordable of gifts out there that are unique and will last well past New Years.

Even if you do get your friend a seemingly run-of-the-mill gift like a scarf or a coffee mug, tailoring it to her favorite color or specific interest will make it feel more personal. That’s why you’re friends in the first place, right? Because you know what each other likes! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Macarons

Small Luxury Gift Box, $18, MacaronCafe.com

Macarons aren't really a traditional holiday treat, but they still make for a delicious, fancy gift. You can get your bestie's fave flavors, including coffee, salted chocolate, and rose.

2. Wine Mug

"Probably Wine" Mug, $15, Amazon

And by "probably" we mean "absolutely," right? Your best friend will appreciate this cheeky mug whether it's wine, coffee, or just having you in her life that's getting her through the day.

3. Coloring Book

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book, $12, Amazon

Coloring as an adult can actually improve your daily life, as well as relieve stress and inspire creativity. If you have an artsy BFF, this could be exactly what she needs to unwind after a long day.

4. Scarf

Knit Tube Scarf, $19, A mazon

It's cute and it's soft and it's warm — how could your bestie not love this gift? And with cold weather coming soon, I think we could all use a good scarf.

5. Photo Clip String Set

Photo Clip String Set, $7, Amazon

Whether your bestie lives across the street or across the country, she can use this photo string set to pay tribute to all your adventures together in a cool, modern way.

6. Travel Mug

Hot Stuff Thermal Mug- But First, Coffee, $16, Amazon

If there are two things your best friend will appreciate on her morning commute, it's her first cup of coffee, and this chic travel mug to enjoy it in.

7. Literary Candles

Literary Candle , $16, Uncommon Goods

If your bestie is a literary buff, these candles will be a delight. They come in four scents and are inspired by four classics, including Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice.

8. Sticky Note Set

Sticky Note Set- Thumbs Up, $12, Amazon

Sticky notes don't have to be boring. Give your best friend's work day a little sass with these encouraging stickies.

9. The Hungoevr Cookbook

The Hungoevr Cookbook , $8, Amazon

This is a gift for the bestie who enjoys a good glass of wine (or several) every now and again. It includes lots of short and sweet recipes sure to cure even the nastiest of hangovers (and yes, the book is misspelled intentionally).

10. Tips and Toes Kit

Tips and Toes Kit, $13, Amazon

Along with hand and foot cream, this Burt's Bees kit comes with cuticle cream and lip balm. Whoever said looking good has to cost a lot was wrong.

11. Rose Bud Tin Set

Rose Bud Tin Set, $15, Amazon

Rose Bud is one of my all-time favorite beauty products. Not only does it smell great and leave your lips, elbows, and cuticles feeling soft and smooth, but one tin can last for years.

12. Bath Bombs

Anjou Bath Bombs, $20 (Set of 6), Amazon

This bath bomb set has a bomb for every occasion. This set of six includes bombs with essential oil blends that promote relaxation, stress-relief, and energy.

13. A Personalized Engraved Necklace

C ustom Engraved Necklace , $20, Amazon

These custom necklaces are way cooler than your typical "BFF" variety. They're handmade to order, and you can choose to engrave the front, back, or both sides with their name, a phrase that's special to you two, or even coordinates to a meaningful place.

14. A Set Of Handmade Pins That Represent Your BFF Status

Avocuddles Handmade Avocado Pins, $12, Amazon

Give your friend one these adorable avocado pins and hang on to the other one yourself for a low-key way to say "we're besties." These look especially great on denim jackets and canvas bags.

15. Makeup Bag

Personalized Makeup Bag, $23, Etsy

Besides being able to give your friend a daily reminder of how awesome she is, this makeup bag is also super cute. It's made from real leather and hand-painted, so you know you're getting a fabulous bargain.

16. Natural Energy Booster

Natural Energy Booster, $15, Etsy

If your friend is trying to avoid too much coffee and energy drinks, you could get them a more natural option for a pick-me-up. This roll-on contains peppermint, frankincense, and black pepper, and you can put it on your wrists, the back of your neck, or under your nose.

17. Journal

Personalized Journal, $22, Etsy

I'm sure your bestie has some amazing thoughts and ideas she needs to write down! Personalizing the front makes it extra special, too.

18. Natural Cafe Au Lait Bar Soap

Cafe Au Lait Soap Bar, $7, Amazon

This natural cafe au lait soap bar is made with coconut oil, Colombia coffee, shea butter, and a blend of essential oils. The scent of coffee is sure to perk them up in the morning, and the coffee grinds make for a great exfoliant.

19. Sleep Mask

Neon Sleep Mask, $18, Etsy

Look, I'm not a morning person either — so giving this to your bestie will basically be a public service to everyone who has to see her in the morning.

20. Ombré Jewelry Dish

Personalized Ombré Jewelry Dish, $11, Etsy

Personalizing a gift is the perfect way to make a cheap gift seem expensive. And how gorgeous is this ombre dish, personalized or not?

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