5 ‘Scream Queens’ Red Devil Theories To Consider

What do you get when you take two Red Devils and a fake Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia? A murderous team that is terrorizing a college campus and killing off students and faculty left and right, duh. On Scream Queens, the Red Devil team came together to taunt — and almost kill — Dean Munsch. Piece by piece, Scream Queens Red Devil team theories are forming, as we gain more information on who is behind the masks. In this particular attack, one of them was Gigi (in a Justice Scalia mask), the other was Boone (in Red Devil garb), but the second Red Devil is still TBA. We don't know who the third person that makes up the team is, but fans of the show are certainly theorizing the identity of the Red Devil, and while some of them might make your favorite KKT/Dickie Dollar Scholar a villain, they're also very plausible.

After rounding up the most likely Red Devil team theories, it goes to show that just about anyone could be behind that second Red Devil mask (assuming Gigi has been staying mask-less throughout this journey of terror). There's also the question of how Team Red Devil got together in the first place. Don't worry, there's some theories on that, too. Without further ado, here is a roundup of the best Red Devil theories.

1. Earl Grey Is The Second Red Devil

Reddit user illscreamyourqueen believes that Earl Grey could be the second Red Devil that we haven't met yet. The reason behind this theory is actually really sound. First, one of the Red Devils didn't want to hurt Zayday after taking her hostage. Earl Grey and Zayday have a close relationship, which might support the claim. The same Reddit user says that Earl Grey once said that after losing the Dickie Dollar Scholar president role to Chad Radwell, he told Zayday he wanted to "change the Greek system."

2. Grace Could Also Be The Second Red Devil

Underneath all of her hats, Grace may be hiding a big secret. Reddit user lauraspree believes that Grace could be the second Red Devil for similar reasons Earl Grey could be the Red Devil. Grace might not have wanted to hurt Zayday in the dungeon, she has had access to a Red Devil costume as well as Zayday's chainsaw. Plus, how about the fact that all this started when Grace came to college, hmm?

3. Chanel #3 Is In #Cahoots

Reddit user Vividlyy thinks that there might be some purpose to Chanel #3's earmuffs, which isn't the craziest theory. Chanel #3 gave some reason to wearing the earmuffs, but if I were a mad killer going around slaughtering my friends, I would also LIE about why I wear earmuffs. If the earmuffs are covering something up — like a wire or headphone — she may always be in communication with Gigi, or someone greater. Don't forget, Sam said she "knew it" when seeing the Red Devil's face.

4. Chanel #3 & Boone Are The Bathtub Babies

If there are two bathtub babies, HollaDude on Reddit thinks that Boone and Chanel #3 might be brother and sister. If that's the case, then there's also a chance that maybe they're working together with Gigi to seek revenge on Kappa Kappa Tau on behalf of their mother.

5. Hester Is Gigi's Daughter

OK, can we talk about how Hester used to wear '90s clothing (like Gigi) and how much she looks like Nasim Pedrad? We know that Gigi was the "hag of Shady Lane," and was admitted into the hospital with two babies, but what if one of them was her own. Reddit user BetterCheshire thinks that Gigi might be the bathtub pledge that died, but really wasn't dead — thus why she wants revenge. The same user also thinks that because Gigi was the one who came up with the idea to let anyone into Kappa this year, it might be to make sure her own flesh and blood makes it into the house.

While all of these theories seem plausible, I wouldn't put it past Ryan Murphy to complete blindside us and bring back someone like Mrs. Bean, because I have no idea what's happening on this show sometimes.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; Giphy (4)