Candace Is Coming To 'Empire' From Cookie's Past

Ever since Fox's Empire premiered, Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) has been a forced to be reckoned with in the Lyon family. Most characters have learned not to mess with her, and if they don't know that, they'll figure it out soon enough. But Candace, played by Vivica A. Fox, will appear on Empire this Wednesday night, and may actually be there to challenge Cookie. According to TVLine, Candace is Cookie's older sister, so you know stirring up trouble is in their blood. Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken teased to the website earlier this month that there would be "a long-lost sibling returning with shocking news," and it sounds like it'll be Candace. But what could her revelation be?

The audience has already met Cookie's other sister Carol (Tasha Smith), but Candace will be a whole different ballgame, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "You learn that Carol was always the follower, the most susceptible one," Chaiken said. "Cookie was the bad girl who could really take care of her self and who took care of Carol in spite of herself; and Candace was the well-behaved and judgmental older sister who made her younger sisters, and especially Cookie, miserable with her attitude." Sounds like quite a dynamic to explore for these three sisters.

But with all of that happening, what could Candace want with Cookie and what brings her to the Lyons' den? Here are some possibilities.

She Wants To Take Over Lyon Dynasty

Perhaps Candace got wind of Cookie's brand new label and now the elder sister wants in. Cookie could even have some unsettled debts with her older sister that mean she may have to share Lyon Dynasty.

Lucious Wants Her To Work At Empire

Bad blood still exists between Lucious and Cookie, so who better for him to sway than Cookie's own sister? If he still wants those masters, Candace may be the one who's able to finally get them for him.

She Wants To Record A Song

Could Candace also be into music and want to be a recording artist? Perhaps she hears about Cookie's label and wants to finally record the song she's always dreamed of.

Hakeem Called Her To Give Cookie A Wake-Up Call

Last week, Hakeem wasn't too keen on his mother's new relationship with Laz. Maybe things get too intense and Hakeem needs to call for backup — and he knows Aunt Candace is the one to get Cookie back on track.

Something's Up With Their Parents

Viewers don't know much about Cookie's childhood or her parents, so what better way to learn than through Candace announcing she needs help caring for their mom and dad?

She Needs A Place To Stay

If Candace knows how to bring the drama like I suspect she does, maybe she just got out of a relationship and now she's needs a shoulder to cry on and a place to lay her head.

I can't wait to see exactly what kind of antics Candace brings to the Lyon family.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy (6)