So, Who Cuts David Beckham's Hair?

It's official: David Beckham is the Sexiest Man Alive as far as People magazine is concerned, and I attribute it all to his fabulous hair. From '90s highlights to today's short, sexy 'do, I think we can all agree that a haircut can make or break someone's look, so it's no surprise that Beckham thanked his hairdresser after he was named The Sexiest Man Alive.

It's been a long hair road for the star. When he started out he was just a young guy on the soccer field with some serious highlights, and just look at where he is today! With that gorgeous smize and hair that never quits, it's no surprised that he's officially the sexiest man alive — and he had a lot of people to thank for giving him the look that landed him that coveted spot.

“It’s the best moment of my career,” Beckham told Jimmy Kimmel about receiving the honor. “I would obviously like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. And I’d like to thank my hairdresser, my stylist, and Photoshop.”

Alright, so that last part was probably a joke, but you can't deny that whoever cuts Beckham's hair played a pretty big role. Like so many good things, we actually have Beckham's wife, Victoria, to thank for his 'do — well, in part. According to GQ, Beckham got his first official hairdresser thanks to the Spice Girls.

"The first time I met [David], we were at Top of the Pops when the Spice Girls were performing 'Goodbye. I was with the girls, and Victoria said, “Can you do my boyfriend's hair?” because he’d had a cap on and he had cap hair," Ben Cooke, Beckham's hairdresser from 1999 to 2002, told GQ. "I remember thinking, I’m not really here to do boyfriends — but we had a few minutes, so I said yes. I’m not a football fan, so I just did his hair. He obviously wasn’t who he is now. He potentially wasn’t quite as good-looking as he is now. He was just a nice guy with a good head of hair."

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

That's right! We have Cooke to thank for the highlight and cut that Beckham showed off at his very first professional soccer game. I bet you didn't realize how far his look has actually come.


Beckham got a new hairdresser in 2002 — Adee Phelan, who popularized Beckham's mohican hairstyle with shaved sides. According to The Guardian, Phelan even flew to Japan to trim Beckham's hair before the World Cup. That's dedication!

"Victoria rang me about cutting David's hair," Phelan told The Guardian. "It seems that it needs a bit of a trim. Flying to Japan will certainly be my furthest home visit."

But the man that deserves all the credit for Beckham being named Sexiest Man Alive is Alain Pichon. Not only did he create the soccer star's signature mohawk, but he's the man behind all three of Beckham's most popular looks, including the style he sports today.


So as you're flipping through all the photos of this soccer star, don't forget to say a little thank you to the hair geniuses behind the star's look. Without him, Beckam's pictures might not be so, well, sexy.

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